Sunday, 11 March 2012

French baking - bâtard with Roquefort

I don't know exactly why, but I got up at 5:30 this morning. Well, I couldn't sleep anymore. So I though I start baking bread. Only the first part needs your full attention, maybe 30-40 minutes. In the first step, after mixing the flour, salt, yeast, and luke warm water, I added nice Rouqefort cheese - that is if you like this kind of cheese. Important here was also to use less water, since the cheese adds liquid to the dough as well. Already while kneading the dough to free the gluten, you clearly recognize that you also release the smell of the cheese. I smelled it all the way thnrough the kneading.
The time for the first raising of the dough I could use to go to bed again and try to still sleep a bit. It worked somehow. Anyway, while the dough is raising you can do different things and use the time. Therefore, in fact, you don't need so much time directly for making the bread.
Comig back to the smell of the cheese, you can really "enjoy" it also while the bread is in the oven. My wife, though, did definetly not enjoy it. She said, it smells like dead goat. Well, I guess then, I have most of the bread to myself.

The first taste check was great - I love it. That is most likely because I like all sorts of cheese anyway.

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