Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pasta with wild garlic sauce

In the last edition of the Jamie Oliver Magazine for Germany there was an article about wild garlic or "Bärlauch" as you call it in German. So I thought I should get some wild garlic. At the moment is also the time to get it in the wild. However, it is not so easy to get it in the wild around here. First you need to know where. Then you need to know how to recognize it from poisonous other plants. I also read somewhere, that it is not so common around here where I live and it is also kindly under protection. So you need to be nice to plants when you find any and don't destroy them, but only take a few leaves from individual plants only. A little respect regards nature is always good.
Anyway I got some wild garlic - not so wild - it was from the supermarket. They sold some cultivated organic wild garlic. So I had a go. Today then I tried this recipe from the magazine.
Here is the wild garlic. Well, it also doesn't look to wild to me. It was just quietly resting there not giving any resistance to the following treatment.
The recipe said to put a large pan on medium heat with some olive oil - and so I did.
While the heat is building up, I chopped two shallots and ...
... of course put them in the pan with the hot oil.
Now there was time to roughly chop the wild garlic and of course you guessed right ...
 ... add them to the pan. Now there is quite some time to do other things. You got 7 minutes. Wait! Not, when it comes to the reading here. This referred to the cooking.
After that you add some pureed tomatoes, a splash of sherry vinegar, enough salt and pepper and you reduce the heat and again there are 10 minutes for other things, like cooking the pasta, because ...
... when the pasta is ready, it joins the other lovely things in the pan. After that, when all is mixed through nicely you can serve it with some Parmesan on top.
What is the final verdict? I expected a bit more from the wild garlic - maybe it would have been better would it have been really wild wild garlic. This now doesn't mean that the dish didn't taste nice. It is still a lovely pasta dish. This time I also took some time to put a small simple salad together. As dessert I had a few fruits - nice and fresh - this all feels like spring, although the day didn't feel like that too much.
Well, coming back to the wild garlic, maybe I get the chance one day to get some wild garlic from the forest - I just need to get more information and keep my eyes open.

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