Friday, 30 March 2012

Quick meal

Finally all the leftovers are gone. However, It is still possible to have a nice delicious meal in about 5 minutes. Get a pan on high heat. Slice a chorizo sausage and at to the pan and fry for about two minutes. Drain some tinned lentils, add to the pan and cook for one minute. Finally add some sherry vinegar and olive oil. Plate it up and sprinkle some flat-leafed parsley on it. That's all! In Spain this is a tapas dish. You would of course expect more to come afterwards. However, I had some Libanese flatbreads at home and they went together perfectly. This was already enough as a full meal - ok, maybe I could have made a salad to it, but I was to lazy and it wouldn't have been such a quick meal anymore.
As a dessert some vanilly icecream with olive oil. How is that? Sounds strange, but tastes nice. You don't know if you don't have a go!
Well, you don't see the olive oil so good. It all went down, at least most of it.
It's always good to enjoy simple things.

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