Monday, 26 March 2012

Leftover risotto

Somehow it often occurs that I cook more then what can be eaten at one meal. Good, still something left for another day. That means less work at another day. Or you loose an opportunity to cook something new. With some things you have it that they taste better when you eat it at another day. Some kind of coleslaw taste better when they had some time to soak. However, some things are not so nice anymore when you warm it up again - the pasta gets dry, pizza is not very nice and you could go on with the list. A good way then is to make something new. So I had lots of risotto left from Saturday and by the way still have. One way to use it, as I did last time I was in this situation, fill bell peppers with it. This time, though I got a hint from a friend on a forum. I made some risotto cakes, or burgers I would say (that is what they reminded me of). I made some little cakes/burgers of the risotto, dipped them in flour, then egg, and then breadcrumbs. Then fry them in a pan and enjoy it! I liked the resulting crust very much. Maybe if you think further, you get even more ideas.

This is how they look like - topped with salad!
However, it is always good to talk about things. You can get many fine ideas and learn a lot. There is always a different way of doing things. Go for it!

That was really yummy and no big deal. Just because it was so good I like to share it again, this time with the No Waste Food Challenge I am allowed to host this month (March 2014) in behalf of Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.

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