Sunday, 7 September 2014

Time for Loch Bloggers Around the World

Another week gone. That is how things work. If it's different and you are  wondering why on earth does the time not move on, you probably sit at home in a dark room on your sofa and have a boring life and you don't know what to do with it. Or maybe even ...
... but we don't like to dwell on such thoughts. Anyway, give me 48 hours a day and 1,000,000 years time, I still wouldn't have enough time. Well, this year I don't even have time (nor funds) to go on holiday. There was one thing I would have loved to do, that is doing a little bit of hiking and exploring in Scotland. However, as the year progresses, the time to do that clearly runs out, for I reckon winter will not be such a good time for outdoor activities of that kind.
Accordingly we switch to indoor activities and things you can do at your very home ... cooking food from and inspired from Scotland. For here we are with our new theme for Bloggers Around the World ...


Yes, right, it was supposed to be the theme for September, but hey, no worries, there is still enough time to join. We can also do it a few days in October still. We don't need to be too fussy about deadlines. After all, the word doesn't sound nice anyway.

Well, what are we going to cook or to bake. I leave that to your imagination or research skills. However, the last time someone asked me that question, the answer was Scottish Whisky Cake. Let me show you ...

So far my ideas(?) regarding what to bake. For the rest I also depend on research. What could be on your menu then?
There might be some kind of porridge or even kippers. Do I hear haggis? I don't know what comes to your mind here ... so we will see. I can also throw in some words for sweet things: Cranachan and shortbread, the latter being one of my favourites.
You see, we already have some ideas here. Just give it your special touch - if you like - and here we go.
Whatsoever, I myself might focus my attention in the direction of Scotch Pie and Bridie. 
Now you should have enough keywords to go ahead in the Bloggers Around the World Challenge. 

The only thing that is left are a few guidelines ...
  1. Link to Cooking Around the World and this very challenge in your post.
  2. Use the "Bloggers Around the World" badge (shown just after the guidelines and ... you know).
  3. Use either an old post or write up something completely new.
  4. You can enter as many posts as your time permits to write up, don't spam me with 1000 old posts.
  5. Enjoy the trip ...

There is a wonderful way I can find out about your post and don't forget it for the round-up - you post a link in the comments section of this post. What are you waiting for?! Right, just relax and take your time and join us for Loch Bloggers Around the World ...


  1. Aw cute dog. I am going to have to join in with this having a scottish surname! I managed to miss last months due to lack of time

    1. So, accordingly, I hope you will find the time to join this time, would be luvly indeed.

  2. Tada .... I'm back from holiday and raring to go ! I hope this doesn't count as spamming you with a million old posts !

    You can't do Scotland without a couple of haggis recipes, one for the veggies and one for the non-veggies :

    These were great fun for the kids :

    And a dessert to finish :

    1. Thank you very much for joining us and sharing something, Cheryl. I assure you, that wasn't what I meant by spamming with 1000 old posts. For that you would have needed to add 996 more links. I still can handle the ones you posted, although I have my difficulties now with doing anything.

    2. 996 ? I might be able to manage that ! lol ;-) *hugs*

    3. I reckon, you could :-) ... but that would be spamming and we don't want that. Thanks for being so nice to me!

  3. Great country to choose Chris! Here's a new haggis recipe I developed recently


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