Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bloggers Around the World December Round-Up: South Africa

As the year draws to its end so does the month of December. Ah, that's nothing special. It happens all the time, every year. No big deal. However, this year it coincides with the end of the Bloggers Around the World challenge ... South Africa, not the whole thing as such.
The theme looked promising. At least for me, I learned a lot and I put my mind into things that might change me once more. Anyway, change is always going on, but often you don't notice them. As for me I would still be twenty, would I not see those who where little when I first met them becoming adults.
Well, you are always as old as you feel. Hm ... I don't like to ponder over such thoughts after I did some sports ... In fact I don't like to ponder about it right now either. After all, this is going to be the Bloggers Around the World round-up for December. 

So we want to talk about food, not age. Let's dive into it then ...

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Gone with the Wind ...

Right this very moment Gone with the Wind is running on television ... not that I am watching ...
As looking at the year 2013, it is almost gone ... gone as the wind and no matter how hard you try, you don't get it back. Even while moments where there you couldn't catch them and keep them ... as with the wind. You never really can catch it.
Before we go on rambling any further into the realm of Philosophy and the like I rather like to focus on Cooking Around the World. Was the almost past year a good one? You never know. What do you think? Did you enjoy it? And if so, what was it in particular you liked?
As you wish you might tell me ...
From the actual process of carrying out something I guess I have to say I liked my Hawaiian luau most.

It was really fun, digging in the garden and cooking under the ground.
What then seemed to be most popular on the blog in 2013 apart from guest posts and round-ups?
By the way, the Bloggers Around the World: India was quite successful. However, in the months after the participation declined ... a lot. Still, I will continue with Bloggers Around the World in 2014 even if I'm just participating alone, which in fact could already happen this very month still. Ah, no worries!
Let's head into the top five of 2013 ...

Saturday, 21 December 2013

No Piece of Cake ... Blackforest Gateaux Pudding

Wonderful, it says NOW we have winter on the calendar. I'm glad we are having not, but ... I don't mind a bit f snow on those days I'm not travelling on the road. Is that too much to ask for? I reckon it is indeed.
Is it also too much to ask for to want a Blackforest Gateaux without the extensive work it takes to create one? No, it isn't. We simply skip this cake part and have it is as pudding. Hm ... somewhat like this ...

It simply came to my mind as someone mentioned Blackforest Gateaux. Now I had to do it ...

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chuck Away the Telly ... Have Some Twisted Round Pizza Bread

Right there in the most of the time dark corner sits a piece of equipment, the television set. I got it from work some months - or was it years? - ago and I almost never used it for tuning in into some television programs. Fine, once I connected a free SAT receiver to try to connect to the already installed satellite dish for the house. The receiver broke before the seek run was over. It never recovered.
Sometimes I watch a DVD using the television, but ... I don't really need it. I might as well chuck it away. I never switched it on since I live here.
Do I believe that television broadcasting is entirely evil and good for nothing?
Well ... eh ... um ... eh ... no, not really. A workmate told me how I can watch telly on the Internet ... after all a lot of channels give the opportunity to watch their program online ...
Since then I discovered some nice programs.
For instance, since we are visiting South Africa for Bloggers Around the World, I started watching Masterchef South Africa from 2012 and ... I love it.
Now I would stop talking about television programs and get to some cooking, but ... eh ... just briefly ... the following dish is inspired by Paul Hollywood's Bread, which I watched once. Maybe it was the last show that was running.

I didn't really remember the recipe, but just took up the basic idea. What did I do then?

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Indy's Mysterious Daim Chocolate Apple Cake

It's about time again I get out my hat. Indeed, that might be useful in this kind f weather we have at this time of the year. However, it's not just the hat, I'm getting out and it's for a totally different reason ...

... it's for baking! There are still so many baking adventures out there, I better get going for it and get in the right frame of mind for it. So, I take my bullwhip and whip up some kind of mysterious cake ... with Daim chocolate and apples ...

Are you ready for the adventure?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

South African Dinner: Bobotie with Yellow Rice and Tomato & Onion Sambal

Finally I safe one hour travelling time for every day I go to  work. That is even the case when I use my bike to go to work. So I get some exercise, although up to know it's quite exhausting to get back home after work, and I get more time at home.
One thing I can do with that, is concentrate more on cooking and baking. I even might have the chance to work some of the puddings and cakes off with my exercises. Then maybe not, but I should do more sweet stuff anyway.
Today, though, I am not focusing on the sweet side ... although ... hm ... there might be a slightly sweet touch in the dish for today. It's for Bloggers Around the World: South Africa.

So I am having some Bobotie with Yellow Rice and Tomato & Onion Sambal. I did a little bit of research for that, so I reckon, that's the way to have it ...

Now we have to see how to do it ...

Sunday, 8 December 2013

German Herring Salad

I am feeling a bit tired today, but still I refuse to have a nap, although I didn't have too much sleep the last few days. For next week things should run normal and I will get enough sleep. So, no need to interfere.
I rather use the time to write a recipe down for you. Some say, you should eat more fish. Then that is what we are going to do. There are one or two items in my pantry, I could ask myself "why did I  buy them?". There has to be a reason.
Now there is this jar of beetroot. Why did I get it? No idea. However, I know what I can do with it. One thing is German Herring Salad. Then I am going for some fish at the same time. That sounds good.

Let's do it then ...

Thursday, 5 December 2013

A random look at the pantry

Outside the weather is storming away. A gale warning has been issued and it's really the best to stay inside. Said and done. The worst thing that can happen now is the street lantern or some roof tiles crashing on my car or some branches from the tree through my kitchen window. However, all this is not going to happen ... so I hope.
I'm safe and warm inside and will treat myself to the leftovers from yesterday and a nice warming drink and tomorrow everything will be calm and nice again. That is the plan. But you know, how it sometimes can be with plans ...
While I am waiting for the right time to have my dinner, I find the chance to think about this month's random recipes challenge from Belleau Kitchen. It's time for #35 - dare to bare.

This time, though, it's not about cookbooks and cooking ... at least not in itself. Rather it's abut what you use for cooking, the ingredients, it is about what I have in my pantry ...

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bloggers Around the World: South Africa

I got it, you need a real challenge. Just saying, cook and write whatever you like isn't doing any good. You want to be told were to go. Anyway, last month was just to make it a bit easier for me, since no one volunteered for hosting. Maybe next time. Now it's time again to go by the rules and to go somewhere special.

Somehow I have the feeling, we should be going to Africa this time and this exactly is what we are going to do ...

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bloggers Around the World November Round-Up: Favourites

The last few weeks I definitely had my minds on other things. Right now things start to wind down and things will go back to the normal routine ... no ... they won't. I live in a different area now and have to get used to things, although there is not too much difference. Anyway, things will get back to normal on the blog and the next Bloggers Around the World will be as the others were before ... visiting a specific country.
For November though, I had set a special theme: favourites. So you had the chance to cook and post what you like. Maybe that wasn't too easy after all or it could be simply because you have too many other things to do like I had,

Whatsoever, stop talking about those things and focus on the entries we had for this month ...