Thursday, 5 December 2013

A random look at the pantry

Outside the weather is storming away. A gale warning has been issued and it's really the best to stay inside. Said and done. The worst thing that can happen now is the street lantern or some roof tiles crashing on my car or some branches from the tree through my kitchen window. However, all this is not going to happen ... so I hope.
I'm safe and warm inside and will treat myself to the leftovers from yesterday and a nice warming drink and tomorrow everything will be calm and nice again. That is the plan. But you know, how it sometimes can be with plans ...
While I am waiting for the right time to have my dinner, I find the chance to think about this month's random recipes challenge from Belleau Kitchen. It's time for #35 - dare to bare.

This time, though, it's not about cookbooks and cooking ... at least not in itself. Rather it's abut what you use for cooking, the ingredients, it is about what I have in my pantry ...
Well ... eh ... have a look first ...

All what's in there, has been somewhere else before. No, I don't mean in the shop. At least those chickpeas in that jar have been in this jar for over a year now. I just have to figure out how to turn them into hummus.
Fine, the chocolate at the top left, they came from the shop this week, but everything else came the same way to this place as he furniture did nearly to weeks ago when I moved into this place.
I really like to stock up on pasta, when the right kind is on offer. However, there is also a package in there I brought directly from Italy. Don't ask me why.
Whatsoever, what you see on this picture is only part of it, there are still a few other things hidden at other places. So, I really have to get working on a few things, since there are some items that really need using up. Hm ... I definitely should plan something soon for the chickpeas.
Whatever the case, all this planning has to wait until the weekend for I don't find time or room (in the fridge for leftovers) to do something new, although the weather is quite inviting.
I guess, we should come to a conclusion of it very soon Maybe we can do a giveaway before that. You give it a shot and tell me what's in the white Tupperware and then you can give away a recipe for my chickpeas I can try. Something like that. What do you think?


  1. LOVE that we all have stuff that's been lurking for so long... use it baby!... thanks so much for the fun post and the fab picture and for taking part... xx

    1. The time to use that stuff will come. I feel new energy for more cooking rising up in me. ... Well, thanks for hosting random recipes and coming up with new ideas again and again.

  2. I must say that your shelves look very neat - I'm most impressed. As for the white tupperware, it's either full to the brim with rare saffron gathered in the first light of dawn by exotic temple dancers on the coast of Sarawak or, if it's like my tupperware, it contains a few old cheese biscuits that you'd forgotten you had.

    1. Well, after one week being like this, nothing much can happen. As to the Tupperware, I would be happy, if the first one with the saffron would be the case. Anyway, not even cheese biscuits are in there. That would be lovely, too. Still, there is something ... eh ... different in it.

  3. I am impressed by your neat shelves. I don't have one allocated pantry space, mine are scattered on different shelves in different parts of the kitchen. And I do have some foods that are so old I would be most embarrassed to show them to anyone.

    1. As I said, I just recently put those things there. However, it is already starting to spread and scatter ...


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