Saturday, 21 December 2013

No Piece of Cake ... Blackforest Gateaux Pudding

Wonderful, it says NOW we have winter on the calendar. I'm glad we are having not, but ... I don't mind a bit f snow on those days I'm not travelling on the road. Is that too much to ask for? I reckon it is indeed.
Is it also too much to ask for to want a Blackforest Gateaux without the extensive work it takes to create one? No, it isn't. We simply skip this cake part and have it is as pudding. Hm ... somewhat like this ...

It simply came to my mind as someone mentioned Blackforest Gateaux. Now I had to do it ...

Now we go for it ...

150 g chocolate
1 tbsp. cherry brandy
2 eggs
100 ml whipped cream
One large glass of sour cherries
2 tbsp. cherry brandy
4 tbsp. corn starch
300 ml whipped cream
3 tsp. vanilla sugar
3 tbsp. sugar
Chocolate flakes
Maraschino cherries

First of all, we are going to do a chocolate mousse. While you could have it as a dessert of its own, we are not going to have it that way.
In a bowl over boiling water melt the 150 g chocolate together with one tbsp. of cherry brandy. When you have accomplished that, take the chocolate away from the heat. Start to separate the eggs, whereas you add one egg yolk to the chocolate, mix it and then add the second egg yolk, which you mix in as well. Put the egg whites to the side.
Now whip 100 ml of the cream and fold it into the chocolate mixture.
Beat the egg whites and carefully fold them into the chocolate mixture as well.
The chocolate mousse goes to the bottom of the bowl you want to serve it in. If you wish you can also spread it among several small serving dishes.

Transfer to the fridge until the mousse has set and you are ready to put on the next layer.

Next up are the cherries. Drain the sour cherries from the glass and reserve the juice. Apart from a few tbsp. of juice pour it into a pot and start heating it up. Mix the remaining juice with 4 tbsp. of corn starch. Then add it to the pot. While you are at it, let the cherries join as well and keep everything on heat until it thickens.
After that give the cherry mixture also some time to cool down. Once the cherries are cooled down (30 minutes should do) the mousse most probably has set as well. Time to put the cherries on top of the mousse. You can put the bowl back into the fridge then.

While you have the fridge door open, take out the remaining 300 ml of cream for whipping. Do that together with the vanilla sugar and the other sugar. Whip it!
Right, that didn't take too long. So, there was no need to put the bowl into the fridge, because you need it again to add the whipped cream.

On top of that we put the chocolate flakes. Be generous, be stingy, just according the path you want to tread on.

Finally some Maraschino cherries for decoration. If you don't like them, you can of course omit them, but ... just imagine how it would look like. It wouldn't be the same.

I think, there would be no problem to put the bowl back to the fridge to give it a proper chill, to leave it there until you need to serve it.

I would have chosen a different bowl, maybe a slightly smaller one, but I don't have any other suitable bowl and I am going to transport the dessert to another place. Therefore I am happy to have a bit of safety space in the bowl, just in case something I don't appreciate is going to happen.

I hope you like this Blackforest Gateaux Pudding and ... I hope those who are going to eat it will like it, too. Ah, it's going to taste like Blackforest Gateaux anyway, I just replaced the doughy part with the chocolate mousse. Besides that, I tasted all the individual parts of this dessert before I put them together.

As an overall verdict, the dessert was very delicious and everyone enjoyed it.

Just by coincidence this post fits perfectly well for the Choclette's December We Should Cocoa over at the Chocolate Log Blog. It's We Should Cocoa - Alcohol. So ... here we go ...

Now that the year is almost gone, there are only two things left to do on this blog. You will see ...


  1. Love the idea of turning a gateau into a pudding, especially with cherry brandy in the mousse!

    1. Some things just have to be done. I couldn't help it.

  2. Oh, oh, oh, what a wonderful creation Chris. And it fits in very nicely with this month's We Should Cocoa too???

    1. Thank you, Choclette. Well, I didn't notice that. I just did what had to be done. By the way, everyone liked it and asked me to make dessert for them more often.

  3. This is a beautiful pudding Christian! So festive and delicious! I wish you a nice Christmas.


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