Sunday, 18 March 2012

French baking - bâtard with hazelnuts and apricots

Here goes another week. Somehow I can't do anything about it, I have to get up early on Sunday morning and bake bread. This time I took my well used recipe and added chopped up hazelnuts and chopped up dried apricots. They went in after all the major kneading.
However, the kneading was not so easy today. The dough felt so wet and it was very hard to knead it, although I used the same amount of flour and water as the times before. So I had to flour my hands quite a few times. It didn't have any negative effects on the end result, though. 

I was very much satisfied with the raising of the bread. Of course, I was satisfied with the taste as well. I couldn't resist and had to eat a few slices while the bread was still warm. Dangerous! Nevertheless, there is still some of the bread left. I could have it for teatime with some butter and jam, or simply butter, although it tastes quite nice without anything added.
I guess it would be very helpful to have a nice boulangerie nearby, but for that I would need to move long distance.

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