Saturday, 3 March 2012

French baking - bâtard with thyme

This time I want to sleep in a bit on Sunday and decided to make some bread on Saturday. Sometimes I can not understand people who say they don't have time. Today I went out to work a bit in the garden before everyone around me was even out of bed. Well, the sun was out and it was a good opportunity I thought. You simply have to make good use of the time you have then you will also find time to do the things you like.
Anyway, next on my French baking list is bread with thyme. I have some growing in my garden. Although I thought it would not survive the -15°C we had this winter, it is doing fine. So I took some of it to use it in my bread today.
The procedure is always the same when it comes to the bread. For this version you add the thyme during the first kneading when the dough is already taking some shape. Then you have 10 minutes to prepare yourself for 20 minutes kneading. I find this always the hardest part. The rest is mainly letting the dough raise in peace, shaping, raising, shaping, raising ... and, uh, well baking.
Apart from adding thyme to the dough, I try something else, giving the bread a different look. I'm doing just a few cuts before baking with some clean scissors.
The end result you can see here:

Well, I take some nice cheese and a bottle of red wine and have a go for it.

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