Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cooking after a full day at work

Sometimes you win and sometimes you win! Would be good to win for a change. How do you feel after a frustrating day at work? Frustrated? Why not!
Well, then, after a full more or less frustrating day at work, a bit of other business, shopping, it's time to be at home again. It's 6:30 in the evening.
It is time for ... yes? Time for what? Would it be time for some cooking? Or is it just heating some things up - some fast food?
I find cooking relaxing. Therefore I go for the option to prepare something fresh. I start with the dessert - Quick Tiramisu. Fine, most of the preparation is quick: putting sponge fingers in a bowl, spilling some fresh sweetened coffee over it, mixing mascarpone with sugar, vanilla, liqueur and lemon, and pouring it over the sponge fingers. Then I stop to agree with the term "fast". The recipe says to "grate" chocolate on top - a whole 100 g chocolate. This is the most work part of the whole deal, but still manageable.
Into the fridge goes the Tiramisu. Time to prepare the main dish. In fact originally it is just classed as a tapa: patatas bravas - fried potatoes with a hot sauce. The potatoes are pre-cooked in 15 minutes, while the sauce is prepared: 1 onion, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 fresh chillies, 1 carrot, the thyme from the garden, 1 tin of tomatoes.
When the potatoes are finished with cooking, are drained, and have cooled off, it is time for frying: potatoes into the hot oil - ring, ring - there goes the telephone. Bad timing for a phone call. The caller is asked to call back later.

Just  before the potatoes are finished (about 1 minute) I add some garlic to the pan.
Then it is time to eat. Well, the sauce was somehow not so "brava", but nevertheless it tasted fine. 
The phone goes again. After the call and some cleaning up - three hours later after returning home from work - it is time to do other things, like sitting in front of the computer and typing this ...

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