Friday, 1 June 2012

Egg inside - Scotch eggs

Another beautiful day - not! Or was it? What makes a good day after all? Does it solely depend on the weather: "When the sun is shining, I'm shining, that is smiling, that is happy!" It can not be denied that the weather has a great influence on the mood.
When it's all grey outside and the sun is in hiding, there is certain kind of food that can help you to ease the pain. I'm not writing anything about this today. For some it would have to do with chocolate or ... I don't know.
Well, there are other things ... and other foods in life.

Flowers also help when everything is grey outside. It was very nice to see that the orchid finally made it and the first flower opened. Hopefully, more are to follow. I don't know too much about it, though. However, it is not good to neglect the plant, but to water it regularly.
Nevertheless I don't want to go into botanical details. If I would ask my father, he would be the better person to do it.
Let us talk about food then, about Scotch eggs in particular. I have already seen them a few times before, but never had the chance to eat one so far. Therefore during the last few weeks the desire to try one grew.
As i just read, Scotch eggs, were invented, if you can use that term in this connection, in the year 1738. Or does it rather originate from an Indian dish. Whatever the case, I wanted an egg coated with minced meat and then fried.
So I went through several cookbooks of mine, including the one with the Indian cuisine (so it might originate from there), and mixed the ideas and ingredients from those various recipes together...

First of all, we need some eggs. It would not be right to torture some hens to get them. Due to this fact, I used some eggs of free range chickens. Sometimes I even have the chance to get some eggs through my workmate, because his parents have some hens.
What I imagine, when I think of cream eggs ... oh no, I'm totally wrong here, I mean Scotch eggs (ugh, thinking of chocolate again), is that the egg yolk in the center is still a tiny bit runny (so the cream eggs fit a bit). Will this work out?
A pot with water goes onto the stove and the eggs are bound to end inside the pot. But somewhere I have this tool to put a little hole in the eggs to prevent major disaster while cooking. Where is it?
Let's have a look in my drawer, where I have all the tools loosely hanging around ... ouch ... what idiot put those sharp blades in there? Well, um, it could only have been me ... A small intermission then for treating the cuts. OK, it's not that bad, all fingers still there.
To cut things short - boil the eggs for about 7 minutes or let's say 6 minutes. I did 7, but the result was not absolutely satisfying.

Then we need meat, minced meat. Why not a bit of experimenting ...

... no just kidding. She is still fine, hopping around happily.

You might, well, call me boring, or ... things ..., but I decided to use the meat of some lovely ... have a guess ...

Merguez sausages! Sorry, couldn't help!

Here we go then for the meat:
take the meat of about 400 g of fresh sausages
one shallot
one clove of garlic
one green chili
some sea salt
a two cm piece of ginger
a tsp of ground coriander
and ... nothing else (except you have a brilliant idea - then let me know)

Cut the shallot, garlic, chili, and ginger into very small pieces, having them on the same chopping board and maybe going through the bits and pieces again and again with the knife.
Mix everything well with the meat.
Then get yourself a few plates ready: one with a whisked egg, one with flour, and one with breadcrumbs.
So, get rid of the egg shells and roll the "naked" eggs in the flour (did I mention, that I used four eggs?). The meat you have already before divided into four parts and flattened them.
Somehow you manage to "wrap" the meat around the eggs respectively.
The resulting meatballs go to the bowl with the egg and get soaked with egg, only to be coated afterwards with the breadcrumbs.
The only thing we have to do now, is to fry them in hot oil, rolling them through the pan to get all sides (of a ball?) to a nice colour.
Afterwards you can enjoy your Scotch eggs, or shall I say Indian eggs with ...

 ... a few salad leaves and some tomato wedges.

 You could also serve along a few other things. Maybe this ...

Or even a potato curry, that is of course only if you have one at hand ...

It's up to you anyway. Whatever you like, whatever you have at hand. Depends maybe also where you live.
So, when you never have tried a Scotch egg before, why not have a try. It's simple. You can maybe experiment even a bit more ...


  1. I love Scotch eggs but have never made them before. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm now following you.

    1. Thank you! They are really not too hard to make.

  2. Nice recipe Chris, This is the first time I am visiting your blog. Its lunch time here, and your post made me more hungry.... :)

    1. Welcome! That is great, that this post makes you hungry. I hope then you get something nice to eat.


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