Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jamie's Italian Islington - London

During my last visit to London I took the opportunity to dine at Jamie's Italian. There are several ones in London, like for example at Covent Garden and Islington. When I was near Covent Garden I checked the one out, but since I had not reserved a table and it was packed, there was no chance for me to have dinner there.
Another day then, while being near the Angel building in Islington I had a go at Jamie's Italian there. 

The restaurants has a lot large windows so you can have already a peep inside. Besides that it makes it brighter on the inside. I preferred that more, when comparing it to the one at Covent Garden.
Well, inside I went then. The personal was all young and friendly - at least as far as I could see. I had no chance to see or talk to any of the kitchen personal.

Concerning the liquid part I stayed with water for my lunch. I wanted to concentrate more on the food and I wasn't in the mood to have some wine.
The waiter informed me about a special dish they had on offer for the day: a stew with mussels, squid, tomatoes, and herbs. I went directly for that one.

I didn't have something like that before. I was satisfied with it. Since this was not so filling I had enough room for a few other things I wanted to try.

Fried polenta - I tried to do this at home once, but failed totally. I guess something was wrong with my polenta itself. Those here were great and now I'm sure at what to aim, when I try to make them again at home. I simply have to.
Additional I had a simple salad with rocket and tomatoes - standard one. I do it at home quite often. So there was no big difference here compared to that.
I felt a bit greedy. Therefore I had no choice, but to have a dessert as well.

The peach and almond cake was absolutely delicious. I was so glad I still had some room for it. Well, desserts go to the separate stomach anyway. I only can recommend to try this one.

Altogether I can say it was a very good lunch. I was satisfied. On top of that I didn't have to pay a fortune to get all this nice food. The prices were quite reasonable.
There were also some other things on the menu I would have loved to try like for example the prawn linguine, but obviously I already had enough food.

At the time of my visit the place was not too packed. When I was nearly finished a larger group arrived.
Well then, if you like Italian food, and are somehow near Islington, I would see nothing wrong with trying Jamie's Italian there.

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