Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Galway Irish Coffee Tiramisu

What is this now? Tiramisu again? Hm … yes, why not!
The Scottish Whisky Cake went down well. I guess I had too much whisky then, or not enough? Whatsoever, one leads to another. All this and fantasising together with some workmates (who enjoyed most of the cake) about what else to do with whisky, the Irish coffee tiramisu came up.

Good then I had all the desired ingredients at home! How about the name?
I was limping between Galway Irish Coffee Tiramisu and Killarney Irish Coffee Tiramisu. Apart from Dublin, lush green fields and hills and sheep, these are the places come to my mind when thinking about Ireland. Although staying only brief, these towns stayed in my mind. By the way, there is a nice hotel across the road near Muckross House.
Is maith liom Gaillihm. Galway, the largest city on the west coast of Ireland, is a lovely place. Sometimes it is called the gateway to the rough west of Ireland. From here it’s not far to the Cliffs of Moher and Connemara is also around. 

It's not too far to the Burren national park either. What about a Burren decoration for the tiramisu ... a rough one? Na, I don't know.

You like castles or other ruins? Dunguaire Castle.

Or just cruising along the coast ...

... whatever ...

... time would be missing, if I would start to bubble over with explanations and memories from Ireland. There is some good music coming from Ireland, too, though.
Anyway, we are going to have some Galway Irish Coffee Tiramisu, and you are not going to regret it. I didn’t! After all we are not doing a Guinness Tiramisu (imagine that – or better not).
Let’s leave those old ruins alone and let the sheep graze alone on their meadows …

Tar isteach! Suigh sios!

200 g shortbread fingers (no worries, if you feel it’s rather Scottish)
250 g mascarpone (which would be rather Italian)
150 g double cream
100 ml sweetened hot coffee (maybe two teaspoons of sugar)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
4 more teaspoons of sugar
4 cl of Irish whisky (here we go)
Cocoa powder or grated chocolate (enough – ha ha ha)

Method (more or less):
Good! I hope, I didn’t forget to mention anything. Ah, you won’t notice anyway, if I add it afterwards (it’s not really live blogging now).
Have a medium sized bowl ready (about 20 x 20 cm or a bit smaller). Ha, when a square bowl would be better, I’m using a round one, and the other way around. What’s wrong with me?
Let’s go on! Line the base of your bowl with the shortbread. If your bowl is too small, you have to start a second layer or simply it up the leftover shortbread fingers.
Mix half of the whisky into your coffee and pour it  over the fingers (not yours, but the shortbread ones) get soaked. In the first go, I used the double amount of coffee. This didn’t look right.
Leave the shortbread fingers enough time to drink up as much of the coffee as possible. Use that time to whisk together the mascarpone, double cream, vanilla extract, sugar, and the remaining whisky. Should it still be too thick, I fear, you have to use a bit more whisky.
Said and done! Now you have to spoon this cream over the soaked shortbread fingers. However, if you like some extra chocolate kick (why shouldn't you?), you can grate some chocolate over here before you add the cream. I hope for you, it works well. I managed somehow, more or less – still suffering from too much coffee in the bowl.
Then you can ice the tiramisu with enough cocoa powder. According to your mood you can try to have it decorated with putting “things” on the tiramisu before icing. I tried it.
Place the finished (or nearly finished) tiramisu to your fridge and let it cool down a bit. Afterwards, a lot of self-discipline, was needed not to finish the whole bowl all by myself. The buttery taste of the shortbread … yum … the push of the coffee … yum … and the fragrant hint of the whisky … delish! Well, you have to taste it yourself – again – to get a full picture of the taste.
But beware, as you may know that mascarpone is high in fat, as is double cream. No worries!

You may see a bodhrán in the background of the picture, however, this doesn't mean I know how to play it well. Then there might be something else, you recognize on here (no, I don't mean the clover-like decoration on the tiramisu). 
On the bohrán you can spot a Claddagh symbol. The significance of this you can find out for yourself. Somehow, I placed it in the picture in a way, showing, that I very much like this tiramisu. Moreover, this Claddagh symbol has a romantic background, but what do I know about these things!

Slán agat!


  1. Hey you I love your blog so I nomintaed you for the versital blog award check it out!

    1. Oh, how very kind of you! What shall I say ... hm ... thank you!

  2. Never seen tiramisu made with shortbread fingers before but I'm sure it was delightful.

    1. I tell you the truth: It absolutely was!!!

  3. This is the most, err, Irish tiramisu I've ever seen (and the most entertaining!) Thanks for joining in this month's We Should Cocoa, great to have you along for the ride!

    1. Thank you for letting me join! :-) Ah, all those nice memories coming up again and again ...


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