Monday, 4 June 2012

Breakfast at Brixton

"This is a Victoria line train to Brixton." Quite a few times I have heard this on the tube, but not made it that far. Recently, though, I stayed a few days in Brixton.

Somehow it seemed there is market every day. Why shouldn't it be. Brixton market and Brixton Village is especially build for that. Therefore if you want to go for food shopping - that is the right place. I didn't though, because I was not cooking on my visit - what a shame!
One day I went shopping to a supermarket. It was earlyish in the morning, even before most other places open. Well, I had kind of breakfast with bread and cheddar cheese, which I assembled then loosely on the way. Then there was this Cadbury Cream Egg ice cream. I simply couldn't resist, don't know why. Ice cream for breakfast - great - is was very very sweet.
You can go for English breakfast early in the morning as well. I forget, though the place I tried on one morning.
Another place you could go for breakfast is "seven at brixton". It is a tapas and cocktail bar at Brixton market, but you can get a coffee in the morning, and, well, of course breakfast.

The coffee was first. I thought I could have a cappuccino. The menu card itself wasn't in such a good shape anymore, but who cares.
I decided to go for a chorizo omelet, which I enjoyed very much with some Tabasco.

The picture might not be the best, but you get an impression. Some rocket on the side, well, I like that as well.

All in all I can say, after this hearty breakfast I was ready for the day and some more exploration.
What other nice place is there in Brixton to go for breakfast. I don't know so much. I always left the house so early and didn't have too many days to try.

Rosie's deli cafe is also very nice. Maybe Rosie herself is in. She is a nice and friendly person as well. You may even like to get her cookbook right there. The opening times, however, in my case were too late for breakfast. So I just went for a good coffee and some delicious cake. Just thinking about it makes me wanting another piece of it. It was so creamy and tasty (it also convinced me of getting Rosie's second cookbook - it's a good one). If I wasn't just passing through, I for sure would have tried some more things from the deli.
This nice little cafe has a good atmosphere and if you take the table near the bookshelf, you have plenty to leaf through and read.
For sure there are many more interesting and delicious places around Brixton. If you have any recommendations, let me or us know.
You never know if you don't go ...

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