Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cooking and gardening

To cook something nice depends to a large extent also on your ingredients. Having good quality ingredients can make good meals. Here a good way would be to have things from your own garden. Then it is also possible to get things you hardly can buy at a shop, like for example courgette flowers.
Here, Spring has just started. A few things are already sown or planted in my garden. Today I spotted already the first plants making it's way to the surface. Tiny spinach plants were to be seen. It's always exiting seeing things grow.
This year I have for the first time rhubarb in the garden. I got some crowns from a friend. So I'm also exited how this will develop.
Gardening and cooking really go hand in hand. So, when you have the chance to sow or plant a few things, you will be happy. I also have some things inside the flat on the windowsill. This is also a fine alternative. Somehow I can't go without having some herbs. It's always good to have some fresh herbs at home. You can not go to the shop and buy some all the time.
I will see how things develop this year, whether the windowsills will get crowded again and what produce the garden will bring.

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