Saturday, 1 February 2014

Food Olympics ... Bloggers Around the World: Russia

In just a few days the 22nd Winter Olympics will start, on 7th of February to be precise, in Solchi, Russia. Well then, who is a big fan of winter sports? Please hands up?
Oh, whatever the case I am not up so much into winter and sports. He he, you figure it out. However, since the Winter Olympics is in Russia this month, I guess we can take to things from it:
  1. We are having our very own ... FOOD Olympics.
  2. We are having RUSSIA as the destination for this months Bloggers Around the World ...

Let us get into some details ...

I already had a go at Russian cuisine before, at Pelmeni. You can read about it in my post: From Russia with Love ... Double Oh Pelmini. Here is what they looked like ...

That's about it. So far I tried nothing else and my memories of what I have already eaten have totally been wiped out. I know that I had a few other things, but I simply can't remember.
Therefore I have to do a bit of research ...
Now, there are already a few things I can imagine of having a go at. First of all Borshch or you can call it Borscht, a hearty soup with beets and ... well, some other vegetables as well. Hey, it's winter around here, so I wouldn't mind a warming soup.
Something else I would love to have a go at are Pirozhki. These are small stuffed buns. A possible filling could be chopped boiled meat mixed with sautéed onions or rice and boiled eggs with dill or fish sautéed with onions and mixed with hard-boiled chopped eggs and rice or mashed potatoes mixed with dill and green onion or sautéed mushrooms with onions. I'm not quite sure what kind of filling I will prefer.
I am sure, you will also find something you want to try.
However, as things go, since we have food Olympics, we need some Olympic disciplines ... any ideas?

Fine, here we go:
  1. Entrees - a small bite to get us started.
  2. Salads - for those who want to go entirely healthy or those who think those resolutions for 2014 will still work out.
  3. Soups - I already made a suggestion here.
  4. Mains - give us all you have. Fill us, stuff us totally ... in a nice way of course.
  5. Pudding - that might be a fine way to feature some chocolate.
  6. Cakes - oh, another way you might feature chocolate. However, there must be a difference to 5.
  7. Drinks - just writing about your experience with having a bottle of vodka won't do ... unless you distilled it yourself.
  8. Freestyle - anything that makes us immediately think of Russia. Maybe you have to give us an extra hint.
I hope I have you on board now and not totally confused. Basically you can go and fire those posts at me as usual ...
  1. Using the Link Tool below to link up your post. 
  2. Refer to my blog and this very challenge in your post.
  3. Use the "Bloggers Around the World" batch (the picture, you know).
  4. Use either an old post or do something new.
  5. You can enter up to eh ... logical would be ... eh ... you enter one post for every discipline ... that is, if you are totally eager to do so. In that case, though, I reckon, you would deserve some kind of medal.
  6. If you tweet your post use #BloggersAroundTheWorld and @ChrisCH2011, so that I can retweet your posts.
  7. Keep in mind the Olympic Motto "Hot! Cold! Delicious!" and everything could happen ...
  8. Start thinking about it ... early enough so you can make it ...
Ready, set, cook ...


  1. Mmm - thanks a difficult one Christian. I don't think I have ever cooked any Russian food! Thinking cap on! Vohn x

    1. The same here, I have to think and think and think about it, too. It won't work for me without some further research. You could turn a cocktail into a pudding, too (White Russian). Good luck for you and ... have fun!

    2. Ooh - I didn't think of that Christian! One of my fave cocktails is a black Russian! x

  2. Yes I'm not sure I've had any either, unless vodka counts?!

    1. Then I reckon it is time to start with it, although vodka is already a small step in the direction.

  3. Come on Chris! Blini, coulibyak (salmon pie), vareniki (sweet/cheese dumplings), zillions of salads, all kinds of pies... if you need some ideas, pop over on my blog and look at the tag Russian. Glad you picked Russia as your destination, I was wondering if you'd like to "visit" it

    1. Ha ha, yes I imagined you know a a lot about it. I think I have to take up your offer on those vareniki. As to visiting Russia, that would be very interesting, too, but I reckon I will be lost going there alone.

  4. We're experimenting with Russian food for the first time, inspired by the Olympics. Such a fun challenge!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I really had hoped so, it would be fun. :-)

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