Tuesday, 25 February 2014

It Can't Always Be Caviar ... why not ... Blini with Caviar and with Smoked Salmon

Did you know that you use a lot less than 1 % of the capacity of your brain? Or that the brain processes about 100 million bits of information every second? Or that the brain makes up only 2 % of the body's weight (of course only if you are not excessively over-weighted)? Or that the billions upon billions of nerve cells in your brain make about as many as a quadrillion connections?
For sure you do know, that oh so very often that you are not able to find things in your brain, although you know it has to be there. What about finding things you didn't know they were there?
Before this month is over, I have another post for Bloggers Around the World: Russia ... although the Olympics are over by now. I recently made some blini and topped them with caviar and smoked salmon respectively.

Now I was looking for a title for my blog post ...

There was to be some caviar involved in the recipe, so I was thinking in order to find a title. Suddenly the phrase "Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein" (It Can't Always Be Caviar) came to my mind. The next things I thought to remember was that there has been some kind of television program in German television by that name many many many many months ago.
So I asked the thing with a lot less capacity, the Internet, about it and found out that there was an espionage novel with that name by an Austrian author. Now it happens to be that the protagonist of that novel is also an accomplished amateur cook. Therefore the novel includes also some recipes and the German television series that was made after the book has some kind of cooking show at the end of each episode.
While naturally all this has nothing to do with this post, I still thought, I could share it and maybe in the future I can have a closer look at that novel or television series. Or maybe someone like to write a new book or direct a new television series taking up that cooking and recipe thingy.
Whatsoever, blini ...

Half a cup (or rather mug) of buckwheat flour
Half a cup of wheat flour
One cup of milk
A pinch of salt
One egg
One tsp. baking powder
Sour cream
Smoked salmon

Mix the ingredients from the above list up to and including the baking powder into a fine pancake batter and let it rest for 10 to 20 minutes.

While that was taking place I experimented a bit with smoked salmon, crème fraîche, gelatin, onions, vinegar, sugar and dill and ended up with some kind of smoked salmon with a disgustingly caramelised onion something filling. Yes, it was extremely sweet for that salmon.

Anyway, we turn our backs on that food crime scene and go back to the blini. Heat up some oil and/or butter and fry little pancakes in it with the previously mentioned butter. One or two tbsp. of batter will do for one pancake.
Top the finished product with a small dollop of sour cream a bit of caviar or smoked salmon and garnish with some dill. Serve it as snacks or starters or whatever you like.

In fact, that is no big deal. However, since that is a Russian dish, we add it up to Bloggers Around the World.

As I have such an incredible amount of capacity in my brain, I could go on forever with writing up new posts and recipes and ... eh ... stuff. I even have some other posts waiting in line and then there are all those ideas not yet put into practice and all those new ideas that keep coming up. Sadly, all that does not harmonize with the capacity of time I have.
My brain might be processing 100 million of bits of information every second, I need slightly more time for my body to perform all those tasks that need processing and ... that is not just because of me being so bonkers.
I'll better get to it then ...


  1. I've never attempted my own blinis, these sound great.

    1. ... and they are quite easy and quick to make, too.

  2. Schoen! Ich esse Blinis sehr gern!

  3. and what if to add to this dish here such https://www.red-caviar.com/products/bc100grj/sturgeon-black-caviar-100g-3-5oz-jar caviar ? Simply caviar with peas it seems to me very well are combined?


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