Friday, 31 January 2014

Bloggers Around the World January Round-Up: Vietnam

Now what? Of course, you know what this means. We already have used up the first month of 2014. How was it?
Well, for me, apart from the moving thingy, things pretty much continue as last year. Alright, theoretically I have more time, but then again, I always find a way to use up my time ... like for example write up a round-up. Fine, it seems like, I don't really have time for this, because it's already a time of the day, where I could be in bed and don't have to tell myself "You are getting old!"
Anyway, why am I wasting time, I should rather start with the round-up now. There was a lot of lovely food available. Vietnam really was a nice and flavoursome place to visit.

Therefore ... let us us start with the real thing, the food in all those delicious posts ... or was it the post with all those delicious food. Ah, anyway, here it comes ...

First of all we like to head over to Janice's place ... to Farmersgirl Kitchen that is. Janice was reviewing a great Vietnamese cookbook and as a very delicious bonus she ended up cooking ca ri ga, a Vietnamese Chicken Curry.

Head over to read all about it, you will also find out about food you could have as a Vietnamese style breakfast. Be surprised!

We move on, different place, same bird: Vietnamese Chicken with Noodles. Come along and visit Deon at Foodjam ...

Finished Dish

Does this look healthy or does it look healthy! Judge for yourself, but as I see it, you want to have a plate of it. No worries, check out the recipe and follow it.

Next up is Vohn from Vohn's Vittles. That's one of my favourites and this is also where we start to get a problem. Look at the photo ...

Pork meatball baguette

Obviously the person that took this photo was far too exited about the food itself then to take time to proper focus ... ahem ... the focus is rather on eating that delicious Vietnamese-style Pork Meatball Bánh Mì ... fully understandable. While visiting London last time, I missed my chance to taste some Bánh Mì, but now ... he he he ... I can make my own, thanks to Vohn.

Nevertheless, we want to take a break from meat and have a go at tofu. Either you like it or ... well, eh, yes ... you don't. 

Whatsoever, I tried my best and brought you some Fried Tofu in Spicy Tomato Sauce. Hey, you get a spicy tomato sauce. What more could you want ... eh, yes, there would be something, but ... hey, you get a spicy tomato sauce.

Fine, we continue and do what we do best: chicken. This time we are at Caroline Makes ... and Caroline makes some Lemongrass Chilli Chicken. Chicken, good ... chilli, good ... lemongrass, make sure you concentrate on the bottom part of the lemongrass stalks ... did I mention there is garlic, too. No, I didn't. Then better check it out for yourself ...

BUT ... wait ... I try again ... but ... Caroline has more for us ...

What is it? Neither pork nor chicken! Have a look at the food first ...

It's a Vietnamese Prawn Stir-Fry. What do you say, do you want some? Do I get hungry? Oh, at that time of the day it would be quite dangerous. After all, I still want to have a bit of sleep. I can't just get up and start cooking now and then eating afterwards. Better save that wonderful dish for another time ...

So ... before we come to the end ... let me check again ... look to the left: no further posts ... to the right: nothing. Something hiding below the desk? Nope! Well then, that's all, folks. This was our flavoursome and delicious round-up of Vietnamese dishes for our Bloggers Around the World January.

Next up: February ... and ... as you might have seen already here ... we know where we will be going that month: Russia. You already can start cooking, while I prepare the announcing post ...


  1. Ooh, Russia - exciting! I went to Moscow a couple of years ago but we were staying in a youth hostel and made a lot of our own food, eating out seemed to be quite expensive! I will definitely have to have a think. Can you remind me do you accept old posts? I know I have made Russian food before and in case I don't get time to make anything this month I would still like to enter!

    1. Yep, you can enter old posts as well. You know, just add the Bloggers Around the World banner and a link and off you go. I have also one older post, but I have to think about something new, too.

  2. I never knew this challenge existed - and I do so love a challenge. My hubby just brought back a recipe book from Russia so no excuse for me not to enter. See you later.

    1. Oh, that is good, I am looking forward to it. See you later.


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