Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dr Jekyll and Mr Cook - Goat's Cheese, Beetroot & Bacon Ravioli

The night wasn't that spectacular. It had been as any other night. Almost! There hadn't been any thunderstorms, but ... it must have been like that ... I was tossing and turning in bed. Something was going on and then ... suddenly ... the alarm clock was ringing!
Indeed, things were ... strange ... this morning. I couldn't quite remember what I had dreamed, but since the bed sheet wasn't soaked with sweat, I assumed it couldn't have been a nightmare.
Whatsoever, I felt the strong urge to ... cook ... bake ... cook ... bake ... bake. Accordingly I have been cooking, baking, cooking, baking and baking all day up to know. In fact, it was so much, I can't tell you all about it right now, but I have picked out one of the stranger ones.
But how did it come that far? Was it something I drank? Was it maybe this wheat beer?

We won't find out. Then let me tell you a bit of my experiments in the kitchen with the pasta dough I found in the freezer ...

The idea was to make some ravioli with an ... interesting filling. That would be Goat's Cheese, Beetroot and Bacon Ravioli. I had about 200 g ready pasta dough.

100 g goat's cheese
20 g cooked beetroot, cut into tiny cubes
4 slices of bacon, fried crispy and cut into small pieces
Pepper for seasoning

I mixed it all together and got some nice pink filling.
Now, I don't have a pasta machine. Therefore I have to use a rolling pin to get the pasta dough ready. I have to say, I need more patience and practice for that, but if you use a pasta machine, you will get the dough thin enough. 
As the dough is rolled out thinly (he he he) at carefully selected spots I place a tsp. full of filling on one half of the dough. Then I fold the other half over and press it down firmly between the spots of filling and afterwards I cut along those lines. 
Anyway, at least I know the sauce is great, though quite simple ... garlic, huh.

50 g butter
3 cloves of garlic
Salt and pepper
Freshly grated Parmesan

I melted the butter in a small pan and grated the garlic in. Seasoning with salt and pepper.
The pasta cooks three minutes in salted boiling water. After draining the pasta goes to plate and the garlic butter goes over them and the plate is finished off with some freshly grated Parmesan.

How does it look? Had the pasta been rolled out thin enough, you could have seen the pink filling shine through, but obviously that wasn't the case.
What then can I do to show you that I really had a pink filling? Sure ...

Did it taste nice? As for me, you can never go wrong with butter, garlic and Parmesan. The filling? It was alright for me when I tasted it before cooking the pasta.
Anyway, if you really want to know, I reckon, you have to try it for yourself. You get different textures when eating the ravioli. There is still the crunch of the bacon, the creaminess of the goat's cheese and you can even feel the pieces of beetroot. So, if you like Goat's Cheese, Beetroot and Bacon, this might be something for you.
What else remains to be done? Oh, I still have some baking going on, but I have still a few minutes before that finishes. 
So, I like to add this post to the Pasta Please challenge. Thanks to The Spicy Pear and Tinned Tomatoes! Yes, the current theme is: garlic ... you can never go wrong with that.

See you then! I hope, you have a good night and be careful with what you drink ...


  1. Your goats cheese ravioli looks delicious. I love the addition of beetroot and bacon. Thank you for submitting this recipe to January's Pasta Please challenge.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it is just a matter of what is available or what needs using up. Then the experimenting starts.

  2. I haven't had ravioli that sounded this good but I have had ravioli made from beetroot and stuffed with slow cooked kangaroo. :) I am eager to give your recipe a try this week.

  3. I'm looking for a product of information for cookings, and I found here a lot of it. Amazing material and exactly what I need. Most of all I like the style. Outstanding job, thanks.

  4. I love goat cheese. I'm sure these ravioli were delicious!

    1. When I get goat cheese into my fingers and have the chance to put it somewhere, I go for it.


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