Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Bloggers Around the World: Vietnam

Are you up already? Well, why wouldn't you be. How else could you read these lines or ... are you up and ready to go for new adventures, to boldly go, where you have never gone before? Then you are absolutely right here. Bloggers Around the World is an encouragement to leave your comfort zone and try new things from other places around the world. Of course, if you are from the featured country or cook regularly from that cuisine anyway, then it's also a good reason for the rest of us to appreciate it, too.
Are you ready for a new year of ...

... ? Of course you are right after I tell you, where it is we will be going this month ...

I guess after being in Africa we move over to the east and try a bit from Asia this time ... and it's not because I have loads of rice paper in my storage left. Whatsoever, come with us to ...

Why not have some phở? That will warm you up nicely. Just in case you need it.

By the way, that was just a suggestion. There are lots and lots more of wonderful foods to try. For example I would be very grateful, if someone would include a recipe for a Vietnamese baguette. Yes, I talk of the bread itself. Of course you can do also a Báhn Mì using a French baguette. We will see. 
As well we might spot some spring rolls or summer rolls ... ah ... when we can't have summer right now again, we can at least have summer rolls. That might cheer us up, too. Not that this was necessary around here so far.
Whatever you do, get creative, there are really so many opportunities I don't feel like mentioning everything right now.
Get inspired, think about VIETNAM and get ready and cook or ... bake ...
Do you remember this cake here from my blog?

It's my Hanoi Lemongrass Cheesecake. So, what else is there to say? Just give this theme a shot and be creative. Join us for our adventures in Vietnam and ...
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  2. Refer to my blog and this very challenge in your post.
  3. Use the "Bloggers Around the World" batch (the picture, you know).
  4. Use either an old post or do something new.
  5. You can enter up to three posts ... that is, if you really have that much time.
  6. If you tweet your post use #BloggersAroundTheWorld and @ChrisCH2011, so that I can retweet your posts.
  7. Keep in mind to smile and be happy while you cook, bake and write up something wonderful for us.
  8. Go for it!
  9. What are you waiting for?!
I guess, that sums it about up. Now you know what you are invited to do.


  1. Good theme! I really must join in this month. That soup looks absolutely delicious!

    1. That would be great, Galina! I love this soup very much with all the different flavours going on in there. It's so fresh, hot, warming and ... everything.


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