Saturday, 19 May 2012

Food Revolution Day - Indian Street Food Supper Club

May 19th 2012 – it is Food Revolution Day, time to stand up for real food. So far as I can see it 631 cities in 58 countries are taking part. On the Food Revolution Day Website, 460 public events and 486 dinner parts are planned. 

So, have a look and see, whether you can attend anything or still even do something for yourself. Obviously you cannot be everywhere, although that might be interesting.
Yesterday, in London at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen, already something was going on: An Indian Street Food Supper club. Maunika Gowardhan together with a team was cooking some very delicious Indian Food.
Here are some of the lovely dishes to give you an impression. However, you have to taste for yourself to get a full picture.

Dahi Patata Puri: These lovely friends were stuffed with spiced potatoes, onions and served together with chutneys.

Bombay Vada Pav: a veg burger. Great was the sweet fennel and chilli dip that came together with it.

Chicken Kati Kebab Rolls: An Indian kind of wrap with chicken, red onions and tomatoes.

Rice with a prawn curry.

A vegetable curry – a bit spicy.

Bengali Bhapa doi: baked yogurt with fresh mango.

To round the meal up at the end a cup of Chai – spiced Indian tea was served.
This was only a partly selection of the deliciously real food at this great event. I would also tell you something about the good wine that was served with it, but I don't have a clue anymore about it - it was Italian, handmade and great.
Foodwise there is really going on a lot around the world. So, have a try, it is never to late, however, you are not making it anyway to try everything, but you still can check out a lot of lovely things.

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