Tuesday, 15 May 2012

An evening with leftovers - Kefta Burger

What a great thing! Tomorrow the weekend starts for me. Just this one more day of work and that's it (sorry, I don't want to offend those who still have to work a few more days to get a day or two off). But it gets even better and voilĂ  I'm on holiday out of town for a few days. However, there are still some leftovers in the fridge, I need to get rid off (no, no, never, I'm not going to throw any tiny bit of it away).
Here then starts my three day mission with a Kefta Burger.

Just some day ago I made this Baba Ghanoush. To get an idea how you could prepare this, you can have a look at an even older blog post of me: Baba Ghanoush sort of thing.
I also got some Merguez sausages and a few flatbreads. Merguez is a fresh sausage made of lamb and beef popular in North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe as well. It is already heavily spiced with for example chili pepper or harissa. That is why they look so red. Good thing for you (or me). So things go easy for this dish. 
Just cut open the sausages and get out the meat. Get a large pan on a high heat and add some oil. If the spice of the sausages is not enough for you, put some crushed fennel seeds, salt, and pepper into the hot oil. With the meat you make kind of small meat balls and toss them into the pan. Don't be fussy with it. They don't have to be well shaped. Your not entering a contest. Your just hungry.
Warm up the flatbreads and cut them in half. Spread thinly the baba Ghanoush on both sides. Then put some salad leaves and herbs on one side. I got some rocket and some coriander from my windowsill for it.
Next go some finely sliced onions and a few pieces of cherry tomatoes. When the meatballs are ready, they go, too - cover with the other half - finished - eat!
All that doesn't really take long. Again, even after a busy day of work, you can prepare a healthy meal. You don't have to eat junk!
Oh, that reminds me - only four days until Food Revolution Day.
What's next? After the Kefta Burger or Kefta Burgers (when you are really greedy you can maybe manage three, four or even more - but don't get too portly) is/are gone, it's time for pudding: Leftover apple'n'rhubarb crumble with leftover vanilla ice cream.
Last but not least, do you remember the Red wine cake I did yesterday? Well, I still have some leftover red wine in the bottle ... oh oh!

Before I forget, I can use this post for the monthly challenge "Left. Over. Roger".


  1. Nice idea Chris. I love merguez and harissa so the Kefta Burger sounds like a good idea. Nice to see you are so enthusiastic about your cooking :-)

    1. Thank you! Hm, I love to eat something nice, so I love cooking!

  2. Merguez is one of my favourite sausages. I have a local middle eastern supermarket near where I live in London who sell fresh Merguez that are so richly spiced and coloured they almost glow in the dark!

    Love what you have done here - proves yet again that leftovers don't have to be tired and boring. This is delicious!

  3. Thanks! I wish I could get my hands on good fresh Merguez more easily myself.


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