Friday, 11 May 2012

Chocolate in disguise - chocolate marzipan cake

Maybe you have heard about the terminator. But do you know the marzipator? Well, when you love marzipan so much that you have to eliminate it by eating it all up, then you are getting at a rough idea of the concept. I have a friend - we used to travel to France together - he liked French nougat so much I ended up calling him nougat.
Anyway, since I like marzipan so much, although I fight hard to behave myself, I came up with this combination for one of my favourite cakes:

French Chocolate gateau (now with marzipan cover - that is in disguise)

Ingredients (in order of appearance):
125 g butter
125 g dark chocolate
4 eggs
150 g sugar
100 g ground almonds
1 tablespoon of corn starch
icing sugar (that is only if you don't want to have the marzipan cover)
ready marzipan cover or even better
200 g of marzipan (tweaked with icing sugar and amaretto - rolled out)
some nuts for decorating

Melt the butter in a bowl above hot water. Melt the chocolate as well. Separate the eggs (egg white from yolk - not two eggs to the left and two to the right). Beat the yolks together with the sugar until well mixed and add the ground almonds. Then mix in the butter and the chocolate.
Now it's time to beat the egg white - go for it - exert yourself, or use a hand-mixer. To test whether the egg white is ready, hold the bowl upside down over your head. When you have done well, you're safe. If not, let the others enjoy the sight and get yourself new egg whites. But better be careful, I hate the waste of food.
I heard about this test with the beaten egg whites in one of Jamie Oliver's shows (or was it a book - I can't remember). However, since then I test the beaten egg whites like this - but carefully.
Where did we stop? Right, fold the beaten egg whites carefully into the dough.
Then sift in the corn starch and once again mix everything through - carefully.
Have a spring form tin ready, greased with butter. Insert, no - fill the cake dough into the tin and bake it for 40 minutes at 200°C.
When the cake is ready, remove it from the oven and let it cool down a bit before you add the icing or the marzipan cover.
That is what it looks like with the icing sugar. The marzipan version you see somewhere to the beginning of the post.

I like this chocolate cake very much. So I think, it would be a nice contribution for We Should Cocoa, which is run by  Choclette. This time it is hosted by how to cook good food. I hope you like this cake. I once did a version with white chocolate, but it's better with dark chocolate.
Also have a look here: Choclate TeapotChoclate Log Blog.

We should Cocoa


  1. Thanks for entering your chocolate in disguise to this month's We Should Cocoa. It looks great! I happen to love marzipan so this is my kind of cake!
    PS. You may need to check your spelling of chocolate! x

    1. Thank you!
      PS.: Checked the spelling as well!

  2. I am quite liking the look of his and it would suit my mum down to the ground. Lovely bit of baking!

    1. Thanks! Only the self-made marzipan cover could turn out a bit messy - that is if you use too much amaretto (and I don't mean drinking it)!

  3. I'll have the chocolate cake with icing sugar please as I don't like marzipan! The cakes look great - excellent entry for we should cocoa!

  4. No worries, the marzipan is not really necessary, it's only for marzipan addicts.
    Thank you!

  5. Lovely idea!!! I've only just started doing the challenges myself, it's a great way to meet new bloggers!

    1. True, since I found out about these challenges last month, I took part in five or so. I will keep my eyes open for more.

  6. Just found your site through Foodie Blogroll and thought I'd stop by to check out your site. I subscribed to your blog feed and can't wait to see what your next post will be!

    1. Me neither. I did a cake again with lime and various cream cheeses. Would only need to put that in writing, if I want to.

  7. Ooh lovely, I'm a marzipanoholic as well as a chocolholic, so this is just about perfect for me. It looks very fetching too with that marzipan cover. Thanks for joining in with We Should Cocoa :)

    1. Perfect indeed! It's always important to keep a proper marzipan and chocolate supply ...


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