Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cooking in season - rhubarb-apple tarts

There is a strange thing happening, when you go shopping. Some food you find has travelled a lot more then you would maybe in one month, or rather, things have travelled half the globe before they reach you. What things? Also food you would get around here, but are not in season at the moment.
While sitting in front of my computer and browsing the net, I came across this:

Why not use the things for cooking that are available locally and that are in season (for some occasions it might not be possible). It's good to think about this!
This is also in line with a cookbook I bought now already some time ago: Jamie at home. It also has some good information on growing things on your own.
Said and done. Inspired by that I got a rhubarb plant from a friend this year. It was already quite big. So it is possible to use some stalks from it already this year.

As you look at this picture, the stalk at the front right edge of the image is no more.

Little rhubarb-apple tarts
All you need for this are some rhubarb, apples, brown sugar, orange juice, and ready made tart shells or you go through the process of making your own shortcrust pastry shells. Well, I happened to have some ready tarts shells still left somewhere in my storage (it was about time to use them).
Peel, remove the core part of the apples and cut them in small pieces. Remove the ends of the rhubarb stalks and cut them into, well also small pieces. Then just put all the ingredients, apart from the tart shells of course, in a pot and cook a lovely little compote with it. You know when the time is right. I didn't see the pieces of rhubarb anymore.
Let the ready compote cool off a bit and put it on the tart shells.

What's left to say: Go for it!
If you like the idea of cooking in season, have a look at this page: The Botanical Baker. There you will find a lot more interesting to read.
So, don't forget to grab some rhubarb and have a nice cake, may it be small like these or even a big one. It was the first time I used rhubarb, but for sure not the last time ...


  1. I love rhubarb, my nana had a giant rhubarb plant that I use to hide in as a kid (yeah it was that big). The rhubarb apple tart is a wonderful idea to use in season produce. Looks great!

    1. Thank you! I for sure will have some more rhubarb in the future ...


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