Friday, 28 February 2014

Bloggers Around the World February Round-Up: Russia

Here we are once again at the edge of another month and ... well ... eh ... I myself might be at the edge of madness as well, but ... no worries ... you already knew. Due to the first mentioned edge, it's time to ... take over the world. Sorry, that would be due to the second edge. You must understand, I am a bit edgy lately.
In order to cut things short: The end of February means, we are facing another amazing round-up of Bloggers Around the World. Russia, that is this time ...

Isn't that wonderful? We are about to see. Feel it as it begins to unfold before your eyes and palate ...
Are you curious what's on the plate? We start with a small bite. That would be discipline 1. Entrees. At least that is how I see it. So, once more, are you curious? I don't know, but what I know is, that the first entry came from the Curious Cuisiniere. Here we start off with some lovely Russian Blini with Salmon.

Russian Blini with Salmon from Curious Cuisiniere

That's perfect to whet our appetite, isn't it? They look so good. Two or three bites and the first blin is making its way to your stomach.

After that we could have a soup, for example some Borscht. I myself have done this alone in my very own kitchen with some digital help.

You will or already have seen this. Let me say no more about this.

If you read the following entry closely, you might see some kind of pattern here, but I am not going to spoil it. You might find out for yourself. Whatsoever, the next entry is coming from Deon of Foodjam. Don't feel surprised, it's Russian Scones with Cottage Cheese. Anyway, we can call this lovely treat Syrniki as well. That'll sound more Russian.

Russian Scones

Go for it, if you are ready to face the cheese.

While we already had some great blini with salmon, I just want to tell you, it's also possible to have them with caviar.

At least that is what I wanted to try in my post.

We are not yet at the end of our digital trip to Russia. Not that you think: 'Fine, we start with blini and we finish with blini.' Would have been something, but instead we follow along as Lapin d"Or and More tells us of a real trip to Russia and gives us a wonderful sweet treat you could have for tea time, breakfast and ... as I see it ... any time: Kulich from Russia.

Immediately I want a piece of it. Check it out, if you feel the same or ... check it out anyway.

Last but not least, we have an entry from a total expert when it comes to Russian food. You might already know, why I am saying this. Galina from Chez Maximka has something for us, I have never thought of trying to make before: Salmon in Aspic à la Russe.

It looks beautiful indeed. Now that I have it on my list, I will have a go at it in the future. Hopefully it doesn't take as long as it took for the Borscht.

I look left and I look right and I have to say that this is the end of our round-up. Of course, that is only if I am not wrong ...



... what a surprise, I am wrong ... and ... totally shattered ... nah. In fact, it makes sense indeed. Because Caroline from Caroline Makes invited us to join her Russian Doll Matryoshka theme party.

There is not just one lovely treat, but loads of it. I can not possibly describe everything in detail. The title however, says it all. Right, maybe I'm wrong again. There is a lot more to the party than the Russian doll. Let me just say one more word: Cocktails.
So I am afraid, you have to check it out for yourself ...

Now, that is the end of our awesome round-up. Thank you to everyone, who joined us on our trip this month. 
Meanwhile ... that is the time where you are waiting for the official March post, let me tell you we are going to ... why don't you check it out yourself and see whether you can find it on the Bloggers Around the World page.


  1. A great round-up! Really enjoyed seeing all the entries! As an "expert", if you don't mind me saying the second batch of blini with smoked salmon looks more authentic than the first one, though I am sure they were both delicious. Syrniki as I know them, are not typically cooked in trays, they are shaped by hand or cut with deep cookie cutters, but that would be nit-picking on my part. Your borscht looks great, and I think I am going to cook some soon, as I have seen tiny nettles appearing in the garden. That's just the right season for cooking borscht with nettles while they are baby size and delicate. The Russian doll party looks very festive! Kulich is fab as well, I am going to bake some closer to Easter.
    Chris, I have an idea of making a cooking challenge together with you, would you be interested? Like Dom and Choclette did last month, a joint venture?

    1. Your expert opinion is very much appreciated. About the Syrniki, if I remember it right, there was some kind of a problem, so they had to end up in the tray. No worries. The borscht with nettles sound intriguing. I have to consider using nettles in cooking, too.
      Your idea of a joint venture cooking challenge sounds absolutely great to me. Just let me know some more details about it. You can drop me a message or a mail and we can talk about it over a cuppa.


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