Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Food Revolution Review Borough Market

Time is flying, as I always say. My trip to London is over and I'm home again. 
Food Revolution Day is also over a few days already. A summary you can find here. A lot was going on that day, over 1000 events in 62 countries. Well, you could say around the world, although you could say, there were over 100 countries without something going on. However, Food Revolution Day 2013 is already in the planning. Next year it could even be bigger, though it is not only something for just one day. Constancy is important, to make good food choices every day, well as far as it is possible of course. Everyone has different possibilities. 
Whatsoever, I'm going on to cook myself around the world.
Let us go back then to May 19th 2012, Food Revolution Day. Location: London - Borough Market.
Borough Market in itself is already a great thing. If you around on Saturdays and have some time, have a look, you will not regret it. On that Saturday, though, there was a slight problem, foodwise there are so many lovely things to see, try, eat, and/or buy, that you simply cannot do it. The choice you have is really overwhelming: bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, chutneys, cakes, ice cream (with goat milk for example - couldn't resist), herbs, spices, and so on and many more things. The best way is to have a look for yourself.
For Food Revolution Day the apprentices of Fifteen turned up to bake pizza and sell it. Well, turned up, it's not so good an expression. Already very early in the morning they arrived at Borough Market to get ready and set up the wood fired oven. 
Then things were ready for going for the pizza.
Two kinds of pizza were on offer then: mushroom and stilton and the other one was brisket and horseradish. Although I like stilton very much (other may think it's a bit strong), I went for the brisket and horseradish one. 
How was it? Couldn't have done it better myself. After all I don't have a wood fried oven in the garden. For pizza I always have to turn my normal oven to full. After getting the perfect recipe for pizza dough and doing it that way, doing pizza at home has improved very much.
Oh, getting distracted again. From what I saw that morning on Borough Market, things went very well for the Food Revolution Event. The response was good. A great event at a great market.
It was really a pleasure to visit the market. There are many more markets were you can buy good food. The five days I have been in London I stayed in Brixton. Every single day there was market. How great is that? Really a good way to do your food shopping. 


  1. Thanks Chris, great post! I am looking forwaerd to next years Food Revolution Day already!

    1. Yes, I will be in anticipation on what is to come, too.

  2. I must go to Borough market next time I'm in London I have never been and it looks amazing. Hope you enjoyed your trip?

    1. I enjoyed my trip very much. Thank you!

  3. I missed this! I love Jamie Oliver's philosophy to food and cooking, and have been following his food revolution. pity I couldn't turn up to support this event at borough that day. glad to read about it anyhow (:


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