Monday, 4 November 2013

Bloggers Around the World: Favourites

Once more, I survived. Well, at some points it was a bit frightening, but in the end, yes, I survived. I have to say, though, that today's events can not be classed as one of my favourites. Fine, maybe sometimes I like a bit of thrilling, but for sure not killing.
On the other hand, I might be exaggerating a bit. Just a little bit. Right, but still I am not a huge fan of travelling by car in darkness, in an unknown area, with a car below average, in the pouring rain and with additional poor vision through the windscreen that wouldn't clear properly.
To say it once more, I survived and ... this kind o experience for sure does NOT belong to my favourites ...
Saying this, we come to our actual subject: Bloggers Around the World ...
Over a year now I am bossing you around and tell you from what  country you should post recipes. Eh ... right ... that is the whole point of it. Nevertheless we want to do things a bit different this time. Therefore the subject is ...
This now means ... eh ... a few things.
  1. Post your favourite dish from the country you live in.
  2. Post your favourite country you would like to visit. Maybe you can even tell us a bit more about it, like why you like this country, why you want to go there, or maybe there is even a more interesting story to it.
  3. Re-post an older post you did for Bloggers Around the World, because this was your favourite of those you did for the challenge.
  4. Yet another option would be, you simply like a certain type of food and you wish to share it with us.
  5. Or by now you are so annoyed by the ****** host of this challenge (oh, that would be me), who simply doesn't get it right to choose the country you would like to have for Bloggers Around the World.
Anyway, whatever the case, just go ahead, cook something lovely, write about it, post it, link it up here and ...
Keep the usual rules in mind ...
  1. Link to my blog and this challenge in your post.  
  2. Use the "Bloggers Around the World" badge (the one you find at the beginning and end of this post).  
  3. You can use a new or an old post, but it has to be adjusted accordingly (you know, all the linking). 
  4. You can have up to three entries, but ... if you just post on my Facebook page, you can have as many as you want.
  5. Enjoy cooking, eating and posting and ... don't forget the clock is ticking ... link up!

I have to say, I am looking forward to whether this will all work out the way I planned it. After all this is a sort of a wild card. Anything could happen!

What am I going to do myself? Hm, already something comes to my mind ...


  1. Ooh - so much choice. Must get thinking on this one! :-)

    1. Yes, that could indeed pose a slight problem. Well, nevertheless, I reckon it should be doable.


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