Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bloggers Around the World October Round-up: Greece

Oh, I am so glad October is finally over. Somehow it was a month of stress with not actually doing much. November, though, will be a month of even more stress, but with really doing things also.
Well, that doesn't mean I did nothing this month. At least I got Bloggers Around the World running for a single month again this time and I got to do some cooking for it myself as well. 
Therefore it is time now to devote a post again to the round-up of it all.

What have you all been doing this month? We shall see ...

Fine, we have to start somewhere now. So, why not start at the ... eh ... start, the beginning ... eh ... with the very first entry ...
That would be Deon's from Foodjam then. Who said, we can not start with dessert? Good, here we go then for some Baklava ... or in other words Greek Walnut Pastry.

Fresh out the ovem

Isn't that lovely. Have a closer look at the recipe and you will want to make it for yourself. Anyway, you will get good directions from Deon to do it right ...

You could also try something quick and simple for lunch, as I showed you before on my blog: Strapatsada. I already have added it to my list for just in case I need something quick and delicious. Of course you can adjust it to try it in different ways.

In a second version I couldn't resist, but had to add some chillies.
Should it be the case you want to work slightly more for your food, you can try Spanakorizo, spinach with rice, which I featured here on my blog as well.

It's definitely worth a try. No meat involved here, but you see already the lovely feta.

Let us head over to Caroline at Caroline Makes ...
She thought she would be very clever by doing something with feta and winning me over for selling her recipe fitting for Bloggers Around the World: Greece. Ha ... 
Yes, the feta did the trick.
Already from the title you realise, it is slightly going in a different direction: Baked Prawn Enchiladas with Feta Cheese. You are right, that sounds Mexican to me, too. 

Anyway, as I said, the feta did it's trick, for it makes us immediately think about Greece as well. What more could we want?
Hm, Caroline decided, though, we could want more. Who are we to say 'no' to that?
Therefore accordingly Caroline made a lovely Pastitsio, a Greek pasta bake for us ...

That is really great to have these days. So ... why not have a look, have a try.

As  life goes, just after the challenge was closed and the post was written, more entries came pouring in.

There  is for instance Ruth from 8&Ruth. She still has some lovely Greek Tomato Pancakes for us, Keftedes as they would call them in Greece.

Yes, yes, normally the time for posting and adding is over, but ... hey ... who is making the rules? Above that I now have something to try in the kitchen right away as I have all the required ingredients. Just one small thing to do before that and then off to the kitchen I go.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to Greece and it made you want to try some more Greek food in the time to come. Thanks for joining, thanks for visiting!

Here we are again at the end. Once more the question comes up: What will be next?
For the answer to that very questions you have to wait yet a few more days. Then you will see with what twisted ideas my mind has come up with ... See ya!


  1. I got mine posted finally!!! I hope you'll let me join. Some lovely sounding dishes here - making me hungry. :-)

    1. As you see above, that's how things go. Better late than never. Thanks for making it!

  2. Nice recipe Chris. That baklava looks particularly toothsome. Sorry (again) for not getting my act together. I'm not making any promises, but I really do hope to join in again. What's it to be for November?

    And what's this I hear about you having no kitchen???

    1. Yes, we had some delicious entries this month again. About November, I can not say yet, but I am sure it will be very easy for everyone to take part. At least I need it to be simple for me as well. I am moving in three weeks. The new place has a kitchen in it. So I will sell the kitchen I have now. That might be a few days before I get into the new place. Then I have to improvise for those days.


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