Sunday, 17 November 2013

Burger Builder - Cheese'N'Onion Burger with Egg

I need a bit of relaxation with all this moving business. I found about a million of pens and pencils in my flat. Then I can't decide whether to keep more cups and glasses, although I already have more than enough. They might come in handy at some point. So, relaxation! What better could I do than write a post.
Even without a kitchen I managed some cooking. In fact the pasta with butter, garlic, parmesan and bacon was quite tasty today.
Still, I like to bother you with some older material. I would like to do some more burger building for you now: Cheese'N'Onion Burger with Egg ...

Well, I got these a bit more healthy rye buns ...

Some kind of sauce or ketchup goes on one side, followed by some generous red onion rings. After all, I want to taste the onions, too.

Next I put some strong Austrian cheese (Bergkäse). I want the real cheese thing ... you know?

You can see it already, there is really no big deal in all this, just a sunny fried egg on top if it and ...

... closing up and eating.

Fine I should get working again. Oh but it's all so hard. A few other exciting things are happening for me in the coming weeks. I hope I can stand it!


  1. LOL christian. This post just amused me, only a man could have written it (and that's an observation not a criticism)


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