Sunday, 14 April 2013

Christine & Christian - Episode 3: Use your Imagination

Just imagine: You are sitting relaxed at a beach in the shades of a palm tree. There is even a cool breeze, as well as a cold drink in your hand. You take a sip. The sound of the water of the ocean hitting the beach makes you feel even more relaxed. The sky is shining brightly and everything is perfect.
Did it work? Did you see yourself there at this beach with this pure fine white sand? No? Maybe you need to close your eyes in order for it to work or the description wasn't vivid enough.
Anyway, that is not going to happen!
But since you trained your imagination a bit now, we can go on with step 2. Let's get Tasting India ready and have some Curd-cheese Balls in Rose Syrup. How does that sound? Use your imagination ... for that is not going to happen either.
Let me show you a picture and you might get a faint idea ... or simply faint.

While looking for some easy going recipes to start things off with, I selected to make these Curd-cheese Balls in Rose Syrup. They looked lovely in the book and I imagined them to taste that way as well ... with a nice almond surprise in the center.
However, as you have seen from the picture ... eh ... there was a different surprise and ... eh ... well, you haven't seen any balls.
What happened?
Hm ... good question!
Maybe at first it was the syrup going into a wrong direction ... turning into candy rather. Nevertheless I got things simmering again and was ready for the balls to be poached.
Carefully placed and resting in the simmering syrup-like water they decided to do something else ... falling apart.
In the end it was just a gooey semolina curd-cheese something. I added another splash of rose water, stirred until everything was smooth and spooned it into a bowl. Tasting! Well, it has a nice rose water taste. Now it was rather a semolina pudding. I thought, a few fruits on top would be nice. Then there where these coloured chocolate sprinkles. The least I could do. Make it colourful. That gives it an Indian touch probably.

If I get chance, I have to try it again and get some real Curd-cheese Balls. Could it be, the semolina wasn't coarse enough? Just use your imagination ... I'll be off to the beach ...


  1. Semolina pudding - Nice way to improvise! I've never been terribly fond of the curd ball texture - so I think your homogeneous version would be a vast improvement! Bravo!

    1. Thank you, even in tragedy there can be joy. I just wonder what I make of the living room tradgedy. I wish I had a bit of improvement skills on that side, too. But that's yet another story.


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