Monday, 8 April 2013

Catching up ... Tray Bake Plum Cake

There are still a few things to catch up with. I already planned some posts ... and that already for quite some times. For sure, I mentioned it before. In fact a few things I already cooked/baked, photographed and ... eh ... well, have also eaten up completely.
In an effort to catch up with a few things of those, I present you today the tray bake plum cake I had.

As I was checking up on my pantry what needed using up I came across this glass of plums and so things were set in motion.


Cake dough:
125 g butter
125 g sugar
2 tbs vanilla sugar
4 eggs
250 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 large jar of plums (more wouldn't hurt)
A few splashes of plum liqueur (if you have)

Crumble to cover:
125 g butter
125 g sugar
2 tbs vanilla sugar
200 g sliced and ground almonds mixed
1 tbs milk

For the dough, cream the butter, the sugar, the vanilla sugar and the eggs.
Then add the flour and the baking powder. I used whole-wheat flour. Turn it all into a dough
Give the dough onto a lightly oiled or covered with baking parchment or both baking tray.
Place the plums on it ... without the juice. You have to get other ideas with that.
Sprinkle a bit of plum liqueur on the plums, if you like and/or if you have it.
Now, we don't want to forget the crumble.
You can already heat up your oven to 180 °C.
Melt the butter and then mix together all the ingredients for the crumble and then cover the plums on the cake with it.
Bake it for about 30 minutes, depending on the reliability of your oven.
Enjoy the cake!

Now the plums are gone and so is the whole-wheat flour. That were some of the things that needed to be used up. Well, I didn't need to buy any additional ingredients for everything was either leftover (the liqueur as well and I'm still working on using it up) or standard ingredients.
I guess that cake does well for the April Credit Crunch Munch pages on Fuss Free Flavours and Fab Food 4 All. This month Camilla from Fab Food 4 All is hosting. So, have a look.


  1. Ah they look absolutely moreish! Great way to use up plums xx

  2. I haven't bought plums in ages. Love your tray bake. Like you, I take lots of photos, meaning to blog but life takes over, and then I forget what exactly I used in the recipes.

    1. For that I tend to take some notes. Otherwise I wouldn't manage.

  3. Wow , I’m now drooling and craving… I’ll bake one now…
    Alva@ Cake Decorating Bristol


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