Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chuck Away the Telly ... Have Some Twisted Round Pizza Bread

Right there in the most of the time dark corner sits a piece of equipment, the television set. I got it from work some months - or was it years? - ago and I almost never used it for tuning in into some television programs. Fine, once I connected a free SAT receiver to try to connect to the already installed satellite dish for the house. The receiver broke before the seek run was over. It never recovered.
Sometimes I watch a DVD using the television, but ... I don't really need it. I might as well chuck it away. I never switched it on since I live here.
Do I believe that television broadcasting is entirely evil and good for nothing?
Well ... eh ... um ... eh ... no, not really. A workmate told me how I can watch telly on the Internet ... after all a lot of channels give the opportunity to watch their program online ...
Since then I discovered some nice programs.
For instance, since we are visiting South Africa for Bloggers Around the World, I started watching Masterchef South Africa from 2012 and ... I love it.
Now I would stop talking about television programs and get to some cooking, but ... eh ... just briefly ... the following dish is inspired by Paul Hollywood's Bread, which I watched once. Maybe it was the last show that was running.

I didn't really remember the recipe, but just took up the basic idea. What did I do then?
It happened to be the case, I still had some leftover pizza dough in the freezer. So, if you want to try this, just go for your favourite pizza dough.
Once the dough was defrosted ... which took nearly half the day ... I could think about a filling.

Ingredients for the filling:
A hand full of cherry tomatoes
A small bunch of flat-leaved parsley
A small hand full of drained capers
One chopped up red chilli
One chopped up clove of garlic
About ten-ish black olives (without stones, if you want to be nice)
About 100 g of mozzarella
A little bit of tomato puree
A splash of olive oil
Salt and pepper

You could add one or two anchovy fillets, too, if you have.

I took a bowl and mixed it all together. By the way, I wanted to be nice. After all I was expecting some guests, too.
Then it was time to knead the defrosted dough a bit and to roll it out on a floured surface. I tried my best to get it as rectangular as possible and evenly in thickness.
Afterwards I spread the filling on it.
If I would be Paul Hollywood or anywhere near skilled as he, I would have rolled the spread dough in, but ... I wasn't.
I folded it over, then cut it into to round shapes lengthwise and struggled to twist both parts together without spilling and spoiling the filling.
Just before I wrote this down, I had a look at the video from Paul Holliday's Bread and saw how he did it. Hm ... maybe that would have been fun ... too.
Anyway ... a ring is what I made of this twisted ... eh ... thing.

A little bit - really? - of parmesan grated over the ring will be lovely.
Off it goes to the oven at 200 °C for about 30 minutes or to be more precise until the cheese has properly melted and the ring looks ... golden ... brownish ... well, you know... eh ... like on the next picture ... more or less.

That worked fine for me and did also stand the test of my guests. So I could be satisfied.
Somehow the filling reminded me of a puttanesca sauce. Still, I didn't want to call this Pizza Ring alla Puttanesca ... ahem ... due to the translation of that Italian word ...
Whatsoever, am I going to finally chuck away my telly? So far not right now. After all it doesn't eat away my food and doesn't cost me anything. On the other hand, I don't plan to use it more often either. However, there are still some interesting shows running, which I can watch on the Internet ... and I don't mean those evil ones ...


  1. This ring is fabulous Chris! It is something I would love to try. It is a very Mediterranean kind of bread and I like the idea of grated Parmesan on top. In my family we eat Parmesan every day, we are addicted to it, that's why I get in Italy and freeze it as it is cheaper.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe!

    1. Thank you, Alida. Well, I see no reason why not to eat Parmesan every day. For sure then, you know a variety of ways of using it.

  2. oh my word C, this looks AMAZING!!!...The Viking is gonna love this idea... love that it's so doughy and filed with cheesy love... excellent idea x

    1. Thanks, Dom! I would have used even more mozzarella cheese, if there had been any more in my fridge.


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