Friday, 5 April 2013

Quick Pasta, if you dare ... Tortelloni with Garlic Yogurt

I'm not exactly sure how we got into this conversation, but at one point I found myself in it with a workmate. Well, I guess it's no big deal. However, he made me try something: Tortelloni with Garlic Yogurt.
Do you dare try it as well? 
Why 'dare'? I simply bought this ready tortelloni and had a go. Or maybe it's because the garlic in the yogurt? Whatever! Originally the idea is based on a Turkish filled pasta dish called manti. While I haven't tried to do them myself, this is basically a cheat version, although I might simply check it out at some other point and do a non-cheat version.

Basically this cheat manti version is so dead simple and quick, you can go for it on any weeknight even though you don't have time for cooking.
Simply cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package.
In the meantime mix some plain yogurt with finely chopped, squashed, or grated garlic, a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper.
Pasta ready? Reserve a tiny bit of the cooking water and then mix the drained pasta with the yogurt and the reserved cooking water and then simply eat it.
It's just that simple.
How do things look? From that you might guess I have started to get lazy again and stopped cooking properly or getting proper ideas ...
Well, you might be right, but then again, we will see about that ...


  1. There's nothing wrong with taking a short-cut every now and then, especially if it's as good as this. I think it's a genius idea!

    1. After all, it's also about surviving ...

  2. If you are eating this well, Christian, you are more than surviving! It sounds delicious.

    1. Oh, really? That is good then, I reckon.


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