Saturday, 28 June 2014

If it's not for you, you are too weak - Picadinho

Roughly, there are still two weeks of World Cup left, but things will slow down as the tournament reaches its climax. Already yesterday we had a day off and next week we are going to have three days without any match as well. That also means the Bloggers Around the World World Cup challenge is also slowing down and there are fewer chances left to join in and so the countries to cook for are limited, too. As for today, it's totally South American as we have Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia playing.
For that I have decided to go Brazilian again. I already said, they would win the Food World Cup, but so far they are far away from that with just two counting entries. Therefor, here goes another one: Picadinho. However, be warned already, if you are too weak, it's not for you ... eh ... or the other way round. If it's not for you, you are too weak. On the other side, it's up too you how many hot peppers you use and how hot they are.
Besides that, it's going to be a somewhat rustic and meaty dish.

Now, don't talk, just cook, let the spoon fool around ... eh ... just go for it ...

Vegetable oil
300 g bacon, cubed
500 g beef, cubed
2 onions, chopped
250 g tomatoes, quartered
A glass of preserved hot peppers (use as many as you wish)
1-3 spring onion, chopped
Salt and pepper, if you still feel like it

Crisp the bacon in a hot pan with some oil and then add the onions and let them cook together until the onions start to brown, but not burn. Remove the mixture from the pan.
Heat up some more oil and add the beef in order to seal it. Once that is done, throw in the tomatoes ... or be gentle to them and add them kindly.
Here we go for the peppers. I used ... hm ... eh ... 10, I think. You may use as many as you can bear. I had a taste off the peppers before and I felt they were't that hot, but ... still brought quite some heat in the finished dish. A tricky thing here is, that you use the whole liquid from the glass of peppers and so you get a bit of impact from that, too.
Let's go on and add about 300 ml of water, too and the spring onions. I just had one at my disposal. Still I feel it would be lovelier when you use more. Before I forget to mention put the bacon and onion mixture back to the pan as well.
Get the content of your pan to the boil and then let it simmer until the liquid reduces and the whole thing get thicker.
After that you are ready to eat. Serve it with rice, if you like. Use pasta, if that is more your thing. Serve a salad alongside, if you desire or ...
For me it was just some bread with it. That was all I could do at that time.

You could have used salt and pepper to adjust the taste, but ... think about it ... you already got things from the bacon and the preserved peppers. So, be very careful with adding extra salt. Make sure you taste it before you do so.
As the World Cup is progressing, what is it that you still want to cook?


  1. I'm a total weakling when it comes to hot food, so I guess that might be not my recipe then. :) Unless I add just a token amount of heat, then it would be lovely

    1. You could exchange the hot preserved peppers with mild preserved peppers or something like that.

  2. I actually fancy this although I might use less of the hot peppers so that my son can eat it, he's not a fan of spikey food, as he calls anything spicy


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