Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bloggers Around the World: Great Britain

Don't be afraid!

There might be danger all around ...

... but believe it or not ...

... there is a light at the end of the tunnel ...

... or even something else ...

... maybe a cute little dog! ...

... Even, though, the road might be long and winding ...

... we will take it and get our kitchen ready ...

... and not our car ...

Why? It's time for our next Bloggers Around the World ...

... and we are going to ...


What will you be cooking? Maybe some Cornish Pasties?

Or ... a celery soup with stilton (the "king of English cheeses"), Shropshire pea and mint soup, London particular, Brown Windsor soup, Devon crab soup, Sussex smokies, Fish and Chips, Fish pie, Yorkshire Puddings, Shepherd's Pie, Lancashire hotpot, Somerset pork casserole, Toad in the hole, Somerset cider-glazed ham, Coronation Chicken, Baked jacket potatoes, Beef Wellington, Chicken and ham pie, Shropshire fidget pie, Bakewell tart, Lemon meringue pie, Yorkshire lemon surprise, Apple and blackberry crumble, Bread and butter pudding, Kentish cherry batter pudding, Devonshire junket, Almond and rosewater blancmange, Fruit trifle, Eton mess, Sausage rolls, Scones with jam and cream, Crumpets, Newcastle singin' hinnies, Shropshire soul cakes, Cornish saffron bread, Lincolnshire plum bread, Victoria sponge, West country apple cake, Yorkshire parkin, Suffolk buns, Maids of honour, Yorkshire fat rascals, Melting moments, Shrewsbury cakes or you might even have some different ideas apart from those or you have some special twists any any of those ...

No matter what you are up to ...
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  7. Keep in mind something, for an empty mind might be dangerous.
  8. Now you can start!


  1. Love the dog :) Must try and join in this month

    1. Thanks! She is really lovely. I hope you succeed in joining. :-)

  2. Ahh - you've closed the linkup. I really wanted to submit local 'Devon Flats':
    and Welsh Rarebit: http://8ampersandruth.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/rare-bit-of-welshness.html if you'd let me. :-)

    1. No worries, Ruth. It's just the linkup that is close, but since the Round-up isn't up yet I am able to still squeeze it in. However, right now, I am in a kind of a rush ...

  3. Chris, apologies for being late, meant to finish it yesterday, but had no chance. here is my post http://chezmaximka.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/seville-blood-orange-marmalade.html

    1. No worries! To be honest, it's better this way. Yesterday it already started to get a bit too much for me putting together the round-up. Now I can add it comfortably today before it goes live on Wednesday.


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