Thursday, 5 September 2013

Catch my Drift - Surfer Cake

Have you seen the 2012 Australian movie Drift? Well, it's about surfing and ... hm ... also about courage and the will to survive against all odds.
Hm, at least the last part is fitting: "survive against all odds". So far I am doing good. About surfing, no I can't do it. No matter which direction I choose, there is no coast nearby, where I could even think about learning to surf. No, not the internet, that's not so much fun.
Anyway, doing some kind of sports in the water would be good for me, I suppose. Unless ...

Maybe I really should think about a change of location some day ... at least one can dream. Yes, it has been there for already quite some time. That could be a reason, why I watch such movies.
Anyway, we are not here for surfing today, but for baking. I hope, you catch my drift on that cake ...

Originally I had bigger plans with that cake, but then again, I'm still working on my design and decorating skills.

I would have preferred a surfer on a wave or something like that, but for now, this had to do.

120 g soft butter
120 g sugar
2 eggs
120 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp milk
A splash of lemon
200 g custard or (if you know how to do it) crème pâtissière
200 g whipped cream with blue food colouring
200 g marzipan

Basically, this is a beheaded Victoria Sponge ... eh ... or better, open one with ... eh. Well the dough is a bit like for Victoria Sponge, but the rest is different.
Therefore, cream the butter with the sugar and the eggs until you have a yellowish orange creamy texture kind of thing.
Mix the flour with the baking powder and sift it to the beforementioned ingredients. Then mix the milk with a splash of lemon (I wonder how you will do it) or just add both to the flour.
Now it's time to turn those ingredients into a proper dough. Go for it!
Bake things in a round cake tin at 180 °C for 25 minutes. Make sure you ensure the save removal of the cake bottom from the tin.
Once that is achieved and you have allowed a bit of time for cooling, you can transfer the cake base to a suitable dish and spread the custard (or crème pâtissière, which I used) onto the base.

Now there are only two more things to do (roughly). Get the coloured whipped cream over the custard and arrange the surf boards, cut from marzipan, on top afterwards.
I guess since all this is done, you simply have to cut it into pieces and eat it. For me this was enjoyable.

When the time is right, I will improve the design of the cake or ... hm, well ... I really should improve other things in my life, too. 
Maybe you were able to catch my drift ... Anyway, don't give up dreaming!

Update from June 18th 2014: For sure it would be dreaming, if Australia would be going close to the final of the World Cup 2014, but ... eh ... we will see what happens.
Maybe Australia can get further in the Food World Cup of the Bloggers Around the World: World Cup 2014 - Brazil challenge (somehow that is too long a phrase).

Well, there seems to be quite some action in the Game against Netherlands right now, but it's not looking too good. Anyway, you could always go surfing at Bondi ...


  1. Very cute idea!!! I have never had a victoria sponge cake (beheaded or otherwise)! LOL

    I love the cute little surf boards! Thanks for sharing on #cakefriday!

    1. Thank you very much! In fact I wanted to colour the surf boards orange, but obviously it didn't work out so well. The marzipan simply wasn't taking the food colouring so well.


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