Monday, 30 September 2013

Bloggers Around the World August-September Round-up: Thailand

Even two months pass by and you think "where did the time go". Now there is a theory about the passing of time, but ... this is not the time to speak about such things. It's rather time for the round-up of Bloggers Around the World for the months of August and September.

Our theme was Thailand and therefore we like to see some Thai food right here, right now ...

Let me make the start with my Green Chicken Thai Curry. I don't know what is wrong, for the chicken wasn't really green. Maybe the name should have been Green Thai Chicken Curry. I don't know why I mixed it up. Ah, have a look anyway ...

We can go on and head over right away to The Law Student's Cookbook and have a Faux Tom Yum Soup. Elizabeth is speaking some true words and shows us how to make a yummy Asian dish without using fancy ingredients you never might use again.


Isn't that lovely? Yes, it is. 
What else do we have to offer? We have to switch over to another blog, to Caroline Makes ...
Here we go and have a Simple Thai Green Beef Curry. I'm not quite sure, what to like most of it. Have a look at it first.

Is it because it is simple? Or is it the beef? Well, it could also be the fact, that it was an inventive way to use up leftovers. Whatsoever, Caroline gave us a lovely and delicious dish.

Did you enjoy the Thai food? I have to say, that is all you are going to get. At least from Thailand, for we have to travel on with our Bloggers Around the World. Where shall we go to? I am still open for suggestions before I write down the post in a few days. Just feel free to let me know ...


  1. Oh damnit! I missed out again. So so so meant to get a Thai recipe done but it seems the month ran away with me, again! These sound rather good though.
    Can I suggest either Greece; just because I like it. ;-) Or somewhere Persian or perhaps somewhere in Africa could be interesting.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I wonder, why I didn't think about Greece. Another idea would have been South Africa as well. So, still some time to go for the final decision. Let's see whether anyone else has any thoughts on that.


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