Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bloggers Around the World: Spain Round-Up and ...

Did I already mention that the month is nearly half-way through again?! Well, the year isn't fairing any better. It is in it's last days! The last few days we had our food journey towards Spain with Bloggers Around the World.

I can't tell you what everyone did, but let me at least tell you about those that took part.
There was the lovely Lauren from Around the World in Eighty bakes. That already sounds like a lot of fun anyway and absolutely totally fits with my theme around here.
Anyway, Lauren was doing some experimenting in the kitchen ....


Lauren was doing some Spanish Plovorón. To find out how things turned out, well, you know what you have to do ... If that isn't sweet, I don't know!

We like to remain sweet. Sometimes I use to say I am already sweet myself, but ...

Let's go on. You already know, what I did for Bloggers Around the World, but nevertheless I tell you again ... that is remind you.

As was to be expected, something sweet again: Torta de Almendras.
What else was there? I don't know. I can't tell you. For sure there are a lot more lovely things to eat in Spain, but maybe in a different season ...

As we leave Spain behind us, we like to head over to our next stop. Whatever means of travel you like, we either have to use a plane or a ship, for we want to go across the ocean. As we are already in Spain, let's go back to the 15th century and set sails to the west for In... Stop! That's what they thought back then in the 15th century, but these days we know better.

Our next stop will be: The Caribbean!!!

Now that isn't any specific country. Therefore you have a broader variety of options. You could take us to Jamaica, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, the Florida Keys and so on ...
You don't have to prepare any 15th century dishes, but of course you can, if you have any nice recipes from that age.
Another option could be ... hm ... The Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe you have a pirate decorated cake or something like that.
This month you also wouldn't go wrong with rum.
Whatever you do ... just use your imagination and I am sure you will come up with something nice.

Before we depart, though, a few reminders (rules):

1. Leave a comment with a link to your post here in this very post.

2. Link to my blog and this challenge in your post.

3. Use the "Bloggers Around the World" badge (the one you find at the beginning and end of this post).

4. You can use a new or an old post, but it has to be adjusted accordingly (you know, all the linking).

5. Have fun and enjoy it!

If you aren't having fun, I'm sorry, I can't help you with that (maybe if you ask kindly). However, it would be of great advantage for your health, if you are happy and smile! 
The round-up of this leg of our trip you can find here next year at January 13th.
The Maya calendar might end before that, but mine doesn't ...


  1. Oh Chris, I so wanted to take part in this Spanish food festival, but I've been so ridiculously busy recently I just didn't manage it. Boo hoo. I'm glad you got someone to join in though. Maybe I should do a Spanish themed We Should Cocoa one day.

    You've reminded me all over again just how wonderful your tart was. I shall pop over to Lauren's blog right now to find out what this plovoron are.

    1. I know! Sometimes things are quite busy. There are so many things that call for our attention. You've got a nice idea with that We Should Cocoa.

  2. Hi Chris, I am Spanish , I am totally tdissapointed, spanish food, and you put polvoron and torta de almendras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, where is paella , o tortilla de patata.....? Go back to Spain, and look for better food, please.

    1. I was dependent on others to share their recipe. I'm sorry that I coulnd't present a larger variety of food, but obviously everyone else seemes to be busy with other things.

  3. I wanted to do this month too but was busy. :-( What's the close date for next month's please?

    1. I know how things are, can happen. The closing date is ... latest 12th of January 2013.

  4. I made it to the Caribbean!

    1. Thank you for joining, Elizabeth. That reminds me, I have to do something as well quite soon.


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