Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Will You Remember ... Forgotten, Not Forgiven

Do you still remember the last time I did a weird, strange, crazy, bonkers, whatever kind of post? Well, I could check, but that wouldn't mean I remember, rather the opposite.
I can still hear the voices in my head - no, not those voices - rather the singing kind of voices, music that is.
One such song is called 'Will You Remember?' from the album 'To the Faithful Departed' by The Cranberries. Well, I don't want to tell you right now what I think most of the time when that song is in my head, but you can be sure, I'm telling you in a minute, what I am thinking of right now.
However, there is another song, 'Forgiven, Not Forgotten' by The Corrs. Right away, I can tell you my thoughts are not tending towards the suicide part. I have a feeling I am stable at the moment. After all, there is no 'one eyed furry toy' on the bed ...

... right, it has two eyes and besides that, I have absolutely no idea of the 'bleeding heart torn apart, left on an icy grave'. As far as I know, stones don't bleed.
While we are at it, just a quick side fact, a concert of The Corrs was the only one I ever have been to in my life and I don't know, whether I will ever make it to another concert of someone else still.
Now, if you are not that woman from California, who is just called "AJ" in medical literature and who remembers every day of her life since age 11, you forget things and can't remember.
For sure I have some things in my life I don't want to remember, but on the other hand there are a lot more things I want to remember, like for example - and that's especially, if you are a food blogger - 'what was it I had been cooking there' or 'where did I got that idea from'. Yes, I will not forgive myself I have forgotten and ... I won't forgive myself a few other things.
Anyway, due to several reasons, there are some food photos piling up in my 'to blog' folder and I have no clue what to make of some. In order not to have them just for nothing, I present you now ...


We can only call this 'Steamed Vegetables'. Right, some ingredients are obvious, but that's all ...

I'm sure it was tasty and filling, but, yes, really, indeed that's all.

Then I can offer you some pasta: 'Fussili Putanesca'. While the name should give us already some more hints on how to prepare this dish, I don't care t do some kind of research on what I might have done to it ...

Now you might say, why bother anyway, those dishes don't look too good either. Maybe I can improve things a tiny little bit with this board of tapas ...

Fine, just a tiny little bit ... maybe. When you look at it, the things on he board are no big deal to reproduce. It's cheese with thyme and honey, garlic prawns, a coleslaw with red bell peppers and chilli, just some simple black olives and a piece of baguette. Well, I can't remember, why I took this photo in the first place. For sure I was not planning to do any kind of post with it ... but I'm doing it now this way.

Like some dessert? Maybe some sort of brownies. Well, some sort of brownies you get ...

I don't have to remember how they tasted, for I am sure they where utterly yummy.

What else?

Burgers. Sure. Homemade chips. Sure. So what?

And yet, there is more pasta ...

This time it's orecchiette al forno. Of course, you can do it by mixing the almost cooked pasta with your favourite tomato sauce, toss over some mozzarella and basil, grate over some parmesan and make it al forno in your oven for about 30 minutes, I reckon.

On the other hand, you could always have some vegetables together with chorizo ...

... I guess I did it already before. So why this picture. Yes, 'why' always seems to be the hardest question.

Apart from this, forgetting can also pop up with a different face. I was reading 'a certain blog' with a post about making chocolate buttons. Well, a lovely idea. So I made some with dates and pistachios. No big deal. Melt chocolate, give it in round shapes onto baking parchment and drop a few pieces of dates and pistachios onto them ...

Those are a real treat ... oh, oh ... memories seem to come back. I think, I added a bit of vanilla extract to the melted chocolate, too. Once they have cooled down, you can wrap them up nicely and give them away as a foodie gift ...

... oopsy ... I must have forgotten. Some time later they were still standing in that shelf and I had no choice but to  eat them for myself. What a shame! 
I don't like to give myself credit for those date and pistachio chocolate buttons, but I simply forgot the blog I got the idea from. So, if you notice, give me a shout and we rectify this.

At this point I'd say we better stop. After all, we can't go on like this forever and ever. I even think, some of these photos could have given me an advantage in this month's Bloggers Around the World. Spontaneously, quickly and without much further hassle I could have produced an Italian or Spanish posts to link up on days Italy or Spain would be playing in the World Cup.

Fine, one more ...

I made some utterly scrumptious courgette fritters. Already on their own they where a hit, but I had something bigger in mind for them ... and I will still do it ... if I manage to get them like this again. Then I make sure not to forget, but to go for it.

In the meantime ...

I won't remember the food that I ate. 
I won't remember champagne (because I didn't have any). 
I won't remember the things that I cooked. 
I will just shoot it in vain. 

Will you remember? 
Will you recall? 

Will you remember?


  1. Replies
    1. That would be just enough for one dinner ... :-)

  2. I am so glad it is not just me that has random food photos lying around that I never did anything with :) Those chocolate buttons look lush

    1. Yes, the chocolate buttons were good, but I still don't know where I got the recipe from, although ... the recipe is quite simple and you can do any combination you like.

  3. Mea culpa. I have a stash of photos, some even edited, but have no idea what exactly I put in those recipes.

    1. Oh, oh, now I might even have a different kind of problem ...


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