Sunday, 1 June 2014

Bloggers Around the World May Round-up: Italian Desserts

As we are already in June, although it's still the beginning it's time now to look back on the month of June for our Bloggers Around the World Round-up and to see about those sweet teeth of you. Therefore without further ado I bring you the round-up for May with some Italian desserts.

I set the whole thing off with some Mascarpone All' Amaretto. As I think about again, I should have some more of it soon.

However, I guess it would be wiser on my part to have some of the other entrant's desserts. For example some of Galina's fruit salad or let's better say Macedonia with Apple Blossom and Mint. I would call that fresh and healthy and all.

So, check out the post on Chez Maximka and enjoy it.

Another alternative would be the Slimming World Tiramisu from Caroline at Caroline Makes ...

Well, there is some Cointreau in it, too. Anyway, you have to see it for yourself.

Then we go back to Chez Maximka and have a look at the ricotta cake Galina has for us. In fact, it is Aunt Giuseppina's recipe and therefore it's only fair to call it Aunt Giuseppina's Ricoota Cake.

Thank you everyone for having a share this month in Bloggers Around the World. Keep on the lookout for coming challenges. What could it be, though?


  1. I thought there would be a flood of entries for the Italian desserts? Looking forward to the next challenge!

    1. I thought so myself, but I don't know what went wrong.

  2. Oh shame I did not enter anything! I could not blog for a while and I missed this!
    I love all these entries!

    1. Some things just happen. I would have loved to see a wonderful dessert from you.


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