Friday, 21 March 2014

French Toast with Sheep Milk Mousse and Balsamic Strawberry Jam

I survived another day. Things can be quite dangerous ... especially when you race down the road as a lightning with your bicycle. At least I knew there would have been people nearby for first aid. Luckily the car did see me coming and all this wasn't necessary.
The other day, though, something was necessary ... and that was to have French toast, but ... not to have it in a simple way. I wanted it to look a bit more than it actually was.

Finally I decided I wanted to support the bakery across the road ... or at least give it a try ... and got a loaf of white bread, not something of that pre-sliced stuff.
Accordingly a few days later, I used the bread to have some French toast. 
I went for two thick slices of the bread and removed the rind. So I had a few little snacks before starting with the French toast.
On the side I had a bowl ready, which received an egg, about 200 ml of milk, a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract ... all beaten nicely together.
On the stove top a pan was getting ready ... the use of butter is apparent.
Well, the slices of bread get properly soaked in the egg and milk mix before they get fried in the pan. Is there enough time to get something ready to go with for the French toast while it is getting fried in the pan?
Luckily, I had some sheep milk mousse in the fridge. For sure you won't have. Consequently I would advise a bit of vanilla ice cream or some mascarpone mixed with sugar and vanilla. 
What about something fruity or a sauce, too. There was some strawberry jam lingering in the fridge. That wouldn't do. So I put a few teaspoons of the jam into a small bowl and added a splash of balsamic vinegar. Off the bowl went into the microwave for a minute.

So, get your French toast onto a plate, add the ice cream, mousse or vanilla mascarpone, spoon over the balsamic strawberry jam and add some toasted nuts or almond slices for texture.
Well, I think the thicker slices of the bread and the added balsamic vinegar to the strawberry jam did really do a good job to lift this pudding. I enjoyed it very much. 
What do you think of it?

No matter what you decide, I think it's a delicious and dead easy dessert. That's the reason why I also enter it to Sarah's Dead Easy Desserts challenge at Maison Cupcake.


Have a go ...

... and while I'm at it, this post goes as well to Recipe of the Week Emily is doing at A Mummy Too ...

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  1. This looks delicious and very tempting. I've never tried sheep's milk mousse but I'm very curious. Thanks so much for linking up with #recipeoftheweek. I've pinned and tweeted this post and hope to see you linking up again soon! :D x

    1. Thank you, Emily, it's a pleasure. I see what I can do regards linking up.
      Oh, right, I didn't mention the recipe for the sheep's milk mousse. Well, it must be somewhere else ...

  2. That's intriguing! I don't do French toast often enough, I like all the variations people come up with. Thanks for sending to Dead Easy Desserts!

    1. Well, I don't do French toast so often either, but this time I felt like it. Thank you, Sarah.


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