Thursday, 16 January 2014

From Failure to Bread-Stick Tomato Soup

Out of a sudden bread-sticks were on my to do list. What comes to your mind, when you think about bread-sticks?
Well, it would be lovely, if they are straight and they should make this snapping sound when you break them.
I had my standard yeast dough, I use in a similar form for pizza, ready and wanted to have a go. I had added some Parmesan and dried rosemary as well to the dough. Things started out nicely ...

I even made some extra effort to give them some spiral shape. Maybe there wasn't enough effort, for you can already see, they are not going to be straight. Anyway ...

When they cam out of the oven they looked like this ...

... and did have no snapping sound. That was a failure then, although taste wise everything was fine with them. However, they were rather like very thin breads.
A day or two later I had an idea as to how to deal with the leftover sticks ... I wanted to make some Bread-Stick Tomato Soup. Here we go then ...

Olive oil
3 cloves of garlic,m finely sliced
4 bread-sticks, chopped up
400 ml tinned tomatoes
Juice of one lemon
Salt, pepper, basil

I started by frying the garlic in a sufficiently large pot. Then I added the pieces of the bread-sticks and began to brown them. Maybe that way they would get a bit crispier, but ... of course that wouldn't matter anyway as I added the tinned tomatoes next and so I had this liquid thing going on, you know.
Now it was time to let it simmer for about 30 minutes. In case things get to dry, which was the case for me, some addition of water is needed.
Later then, using a wooden spoon I broke up the tomatoes. Finally the lemon juice went in and the soup was finished off with salt, pepper and some basil leaves until the taste felt right. Time to eat ...

Whatsoever, that is a fine way to use up old bread. A lovely simple meal then.

Hm, maybe I could have grated some Parmesan over the soup, but ... it was good already. Then, I reckon, I need to have another go at bread-sticks to get it right.
Do you have any further thoughts?
Well, I just have to say one more thing ...


  1. These are delicious!!!

  2. It looks like a tasty soup. Maybe you could have reserved some of the crispy fried bits of breadstick to serve on the soup at the end like croutons. Even if the breadsticks didn't work out as you wanted they look good.

    1. Thank you, yes as for the looks of the bread-sticks I think I can't complain. Maybe if I would have cut them a bit thinner ...

  3. What a great idea. Lovely idea for a cold January day.

    1. Thank you! Well, yes and it will even do in February, if that has to be cold, too.


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