Sunday, 8 December 2013

German Herring Salad

I am feeling a bit tired today, but still I refuse to have a nap, although I didn't have too much sleep the last few days. For next week things should run normal and I will get enough sleep. So, no need to interfere.
I rather use the time to write a recipe down for you. Some say, you should eat more fish. Then that is what we are going to do. There are one or two items in my pantry, I could ask myself "why did I  buy them?". There has to be a reason.
Now there is this jar of beetroot. Why did I get it? No idea. However, I know what I can do with it. One thing is German Herring Salad. Then I am going for some fish at the same time. That sounds good.

Let's do it then ...

It's one of those easy to go about recipes. You will see.

1 small onion, finely chopped
50 g beetroot from the jar, chopped
200 g chicken sausages, chopped into small cubes
250 g cured herring filet
4 tbsp. mayonnaise
8 gherkins, chopped into small cubes
Salt, pepper

As I said, it's one of those easy to go about recipes ... eh ... really ... no big deal about it ... toss all ingredients together and ... here you go.
You could leave it overnight in the fridge to let it everything soak through to intensify the experience or ... just dig in.

By looking at the ingredients list you could think to call it German Chicken and Herring Salad. Well, you always can experiment with the amounts of chicken and herring. At least that is what I did.
Anyway, I put this recipe together by recreating it from memory what I ate before at someone else's place. It reminds me a bit of what I saw on Masterchef South Africa a few days ago. I reckon I need a bit more practice to recreate such complex recipes as they had on the show.  That yet again reminds me of the current Bloggers Around the World: South Africa.
I already did my shopping to do Bobotie. Now I only need the time to do it. I hope, I can manage it next week. I am already looking forward to it. Maybe someone else is also putting up a nice South African dish. At least, I hope so.
Until then enjoy some German Herring Salad ...

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