Thursday, 7 November 2013

Long Goodbye, Long Lunch ... Fresh Baguette with Ham and Cheese

To me it seems I'm working now a very long long time on my move to a new flat and I still have a lot to do. I tried a relative organised way to do it, but ... I keep on doing here a bit and there a bit. Well, that doesn't mean I don't get anything done. It's rather gives me some variety and in the end ... I am sure about ... well, have to be ... that everything will be achieved in time. Anyway, it's a long goodbye from this place.
Therefore it's only fitting I have a long lunch ... eh ... well ... eh ... sort of ...

... yes, it was fresh, it was long and it was delicious ...

... right the preparation doesn't take too long. Just cut a fresh  baguette into two halves and butter the bottom half. If you wish, you can add your alternative.
Next comes a layer of ham. After this point you might wish to spread some mustard over it.
Cheese follows. In order to give at an even fresher and healthier look we add some rocket leaves and slices of tomato. Seasoning with salt and pepper might be desired.

Since I had a fresh baguette I didn't bother about any futher sauce. Just the lid on it and ... go for it. In case you are not so greedy, you might cut the baguette in smaller portions, but hey, what's the fun in that?

I had a long lunch and I continue to work on my long goodbye. However, beware, this does not apply for my blog. You won't get rid of me so easily ...

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