Thursday, 17 October 2013

Quick and Easy Greek Lunch - Strapatsada

I have quite a lot to do and to decide at the moment. Not really an easy job. Every day a little bit more is accomplished. Nevertheless, the show must go on and ... will go on ... as far as it is in my hands. Right now I prefer to cook larger amounts of food so I have some for the days ahead. Otherwise I appreciate quick and easy food as well. As you know, cooking some Greek food is on my list for this month. Therefore, it is only logical to have a quick and easy Greek meal ... or two.
Here is what I came up with today: Strapatsada. It is popular in many regions in Greece. It's really quick and easy to prepare and for sure you have all the ingredients ready with no big fuss about it.

Let's see ... 

I really spoke the truth regarding the ingredients. It's really no big deal. Have a look at the main heroes ...

Oh, I have forgotten one of the heroes, but ...

The heroes as I used them:
2 eggs
A large splash of olive oil
5 tomatoes
Dried oregano
100 g feta cheese
Salt (if needed)
Bread to serve along

The cooking story:
The eggs have but no choice. They are cracked open and whisked together. That's the way to go.
As for the olive oil it is going to be brave and stand the heat in your frying pan.
All the attention goes over to the tomatoes. They are chopped up into small pieces and get thrown into the hot oil in order to be fried. Season with pepper and oregano. Now fry the tomatoes until they become a thick sauce. They deserve it.
Then pour in the whisked eggs and bring to the boil. That should really not take long. We don't need to mess around with things. Just turn of the heat and throw in the feta cheese, which you have cut into cube like pieces beforehand. No big deal. Spoon through once and check whether you feel the whole dish needs some salt or not.
Time for lunch. Plate up your strapatsada ...

... and eat it together with some bread. Here you go, a quick and easy Greek lunch, although you may have it at any other time. I don't think there is any rule about that.

As all this suggest, this is an entry for Bloggers Around the World, which is taking us to Greece this month.

Apart from that, this meal is also deserving of Credit Crunch Munch from Fuss Free Flavours and Fab Food 4 All, which is hosted by Utterly Scrummy Food For Families this month.


  1. But I don't have any eggs to hand - surprisingly. I have the rest and would have been very happy to have made this for supper. Never mind, it's an eggselent recipe for another time ;-)

    Good luck with your decisions Chris.

    1. Yes, that is really a surprise that you don't have any eggs to hand. You could have done without the feta, but without the eggs it's a "no". But you are right, you can do it another time, too.

      Thank you, Choclette. Worst are the decisions where you can only decide wrong, no matter what you choose. I guess I am having some of those. One I did already. More to go.

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