Tuesday, 17 September 2013

They also didn't make it

At times I am cooking and experimenting like mad ... hm ... or was it like I am mad. Ah, no worries! At least I tend to take photos of those ... eh ... things. Sometimes I am even clever enough to take some notes. Then again I am not. Then also, I have periods, where I don't really like to cook or to write ... or I have simply too many other things to deal with.
About a year ago, I did this post about "Those that didn't make it", dishes and items of food I didn't quite manage to do a proper post with. Do you care to see what didn't make it this time?

This is a kind of Parmesan cheese attack. First of all we have the salad with rocket, tomatoes, Mozzarella and even a bit of Parmesan. The mashed potatoes are finished off with some ... eh ... yes ... Parmesan. What about the crust for the cutlet? Parmesan with breadcrumbs and ... you know.

What have we here? That for sure isn't anything spectacular: capsicum with rice and pieces of Merguez sausages. No reason to mention it further. At least I got the leftover rice dealt with.

Now what is this? Well, and even more interesting, what is beneath it? Have a guess!

Have you ever tried a pizza margherita with bresaola and shavings of cucumber. It is not as bad as it looks or sounds. In fact, I even liked it. But ... what more is there to say about it. Nothing comes to my humble mind ...

... anyway ... this here might be a bit more interesting. It's a millet wrap with peach salsa, it's totally safe for those that don't eat meat. I'm not exactly sure, what I put into that millet something inside, but onion was featured, of that I am sure. Well, the most important part is the peach salsa, which ... absolutely ... wasn't my idea. More about it you can find here. Please check it out, it's totally worth it.

Oh, that must be the leftovers of the Bloggers Around the World - Sweden ... pancake with pickled herrings and cranberry sauce.

It isn't over yet. In case you are planning a barbie, you might toss a feta onto the fire.

A good things are good friends with a garden. So I finally managed to get some courgette flowers, which I could stuff with some cheesy filling and fry them ... delicious and hot .. I added chilli ... couldn't help it.

From the courgettes themselves you can make courgette fritters. Fine, I added a few potatoes, too.

Peaches'n'cream. I'm not aware of any significance of that, but I simply threw some nice peaches into the blender and added cream. Yes, it did blend.

Finally ... for today ... I like to show you that plum cake. It really tasted amazingly ... thanks to my garden friend again. I got the plums. The next day I made the cake. Great, it was totally gorgeous and juicy and everything. I think, I try something like that again, since I got about 2000 kg of plums yesterday. Eh ... maybe a bit less, but that is a completely different story, that time has to wait for until being told ...
So far about those that didn't make it in the last few month, although there are still some, that didn't even make it into this very post. Who knows ...


  1. I know the feeling, most often I am too rushed to take notes, just take the photos, then later look at them and think what the heck was there? only a vague idea. Love the pancake with the herring, my kind of snack! And the cheesy-parmesany selection sounds really good.

    1. Sometimes I think, for sure I will remember without notes, when I see the photos again. Ha, then I do not really, because so much time has passed. Ah, no worries. Yes, the parmesany meal was really luvly.

  2. Great cooking! You are very inventive.

    1. Thank you! I only have to live with all the consequences and eat whatever I will come up with.


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