Thursday, 26 September 2013

Still Plums - Plum Jam and Plum Muffins

Faithfully I keep on using those plums and ... keeping you posted about what you could do. I also checked my cookbooks on what possibilities where available. Well, In fact I only have five books available. All the others are in boxes waiting for a new place to be put.
So, what cookbooks would you keep, if you only could keep five?
To be honest, I just selected four, the fifth one (Tasting India by Christine Manfield) was buried somewhere on my desk and I didn't notice. 
Which four books did I choose then? Cook with Jamie by Jamie Oliver, Bills Sydney Food by Bill Granger, The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo and Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking ... Scandilicious by Signe Johansen.
Did they have anything with plums on offer for me?

Jamie used plums for a plum chutney to have it together with duck. Once I find something interesting apart from duck, I will write you about the chutney I made with inspiration from Cook with Jamie.
Bill had a nectarine and plum tart, which sounded very lovely, but despite that I didn't make it. However, I still might due to the fact there are more plums. Then again, the recipe doesn't need a really significant amount of plums.
Rachel ... oh well, I must have missed it the first time I looked. For right now while I put this post together, I checked again: Cake au saucisson sec avec pistaches et prunes. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Right, I only have to get some smoked sausages and pistachios. Then I can make this plum pistachio cake with smoked sausages. Oh, I have to fetch those things soon.
Signe had something nice on offer, where I could use about 2 kg of plums: jam. Apart from the plums I needed just some water, sugar and lemon juice and now I have a few glasses of lovely plum jam. I also gave some jam to the neighbours.
Finally, there was another lovely Scandnavian recipe. I definitely wasn't disappointed by my selection of books. I still had a go at Mama Johansen's plum muffins.

I just didn't use the orange zest. I didn't bother looking for oranges, because I had all the other ingredients and could have a go spontaneously.
They tasted absolutely delicious. I can understand why someone would declare them her favourite teatime treat. The plums and the vanilla extract did a fine job to make such a yummy muffin. You could also freeze them ... which I didn't give a thought to while working myself through the muffins day by day by day. Apart from the muffins, I can of course the cookbook, where I found the recipe in: Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking ... Scandilicious by Signe Johansen.
Right, I hope you aren't tired yet of plums, for I still more plans with them. You will see ...

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