Monday, 15 October 2012

Rocket, Ricotta and Chocolate ... Triple Feature Random Recipe

I have to make a confession. Yes, honestly, I have a problem ... it might even be serious.
It's not life-threatening ... at least not that I know.
To relief the tension a bit I have to say, it has to do with chocolate. I have been busy reading along in blog-world and the posts I read really make me worry. At least they could if I would give in to every urge of immediately running to the kitchen and reproduce the recipe I've just read about.
Well, in one incident I even just did that. It was one evening. I was sitting in front of the computer, feeling quite depressed actually. Therefore following this urge was not a curse at that point, but rather a blessing.
So to whom do I have to be grateful then? It's Choclette and her Chocolate Log Blog. She brought me this.

Apple Ricotta Cheesecake Brownies ... that was it that immediately caught my attention.
Somehow I failed to take some better pictures of it.
I still had some ricotta lingering in my fridge, so I had to go for it. Just lately a neighbour had told me I could take apples from their garden. So it was just perfect.
The recipe you find on the Chocolate Log Blog anyway. Everything went well. I even got a kind of ripple effect as you can glean from the picture. Right, well, there was one thing, I really couldn't cut it into individual pieces, but hey, I could just go for it and spoon it from the tin. After a day in the fridge, though, cutting into pieces was possible ... but I didn't care anymore.
Things are not all that bad. When I say bad, of course, I don't mean bad as in the sense of bad, but just bad. Hm, you know ... hips don't lie.
Why so? There was another lovely recipe from another lovely lady from another lovely blog. This recipe didn't contain any chocolate, but green leaves, fruits and some goats cheese.

On top of it, it was so simple it was put together in no time. What you see is what you get. I wish I could have that at other times in life as well (maybe at work).
Who helped this time?
It was Karen from Lavender and Lovage with her Fresh Fig and Goat's Cheese Salad with Walnuts. As you see on the picture, though, something must have gone wrong. Why I didn't use walnuts, I don't know. I have no problems with them. I even have a large amount of them at home.
That has to remain then another unsolved mystery.
Towards the end, things get dangerous again, but very very dangerous, indeed.
Because of this I like to link to the responsible person twice.
Let me get into detail.
That very person I am talking about is Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes. She got me with her Chocolate Tiffin. Why very very dangerous then?
If you have a look at the recipe, you will not fail to notice the usage of 400 g of chocolate.

That's what it looked like. I didn't have all dark chocolate available. This recipe nearly killed half of my choclate supplies (I had to stock up again today).
Just a few days before I tried that recipe. I was talking about cooking to a friend of mine, particularly about a kind of tiramisu I once did. What she was saying about it, didn't fit, but I think it would rather fit to this recipe, because there are certain similarities.
What is he talking about?
Well, there is a German recipe that is called Kalter Hund (cold dog), which is done with butter cookies and choclate. After I finished the chocolate tiffin recipe and had a bite of it later, it just reminded me of that.

Anyway, it tastes very lovely. So I need to be careful as nobody is nearby to help me with that. At least not now.
So far about all that. I still have to try an apple cake, a sea salted caramel cake, some mint cupcakes and some chocolate fondant with balsamic blueberries. Due to this I might be set for the month in the sweet department.
Wish me good luck ... or something like that!
Now we are nearly at the conclusion. This post is an entry for Bookmarked Recipes, the October edition.

It's a very special one, not only because of it being a triple feature, but also because it is kind of reciprocal ... you will figure it out. Or maybe you have to make a confession as well. Do you?


  1. Loving the 'Kalter Hund', chocolate tiffin is my husband's favourite and he was most amused by this new name.

  2. kalter hund! LOVE it, I make that biscuit cake around the holidays, now I will know it by a new name!

    and those brownies... you told me about them the other day, they sound SO good!

  3. Now you can have a hot dog for dinner and a cold dog for pudding. Isn't that lovely?!

  4. I want all those... but first I think I want to start with the cheesecake brownies!

  5. loving the kalter hund... genius... look at those chunks of fabulousness... very very dangerous to eat alone!

  6. Give me some kalter hund please Chris! It's what I call tiffin in the UK! Thanks for your lovely words about my fig, walnut and cheese salad too.......I am so glad you liked it and your photo of the salad, even sans walnuts, is really lovely! All the recipes look lush and as ever, I love coming over here to read what you have been cooking, and what your thoughts are! Karen

    1. That really makes me happy. I guess I have to get some figs soon, so that I can use my walnuts in the right way.

  7. Yes, I'm for the kalter hund too please. it's reminded me I never did enter your German challenge and I really wanted too as I don't think I've ever made a German anything. I've just been so busy recently I'm finding it very hard to keep up. So glad my brownies cheered you up Chris, even if you did have to eat them with a spoon ;-)

    1. Did I mention, that after a day in the fridge, it would have been alright to eat them with taking in the hand ... that is if I had prepared the tin properly beforehand.

  8. We have the same recipe in Russia, it is called a chocolate sausage, I used to make it as a kid.

    1. Once more the theory is proved. There are a lot of similar things around the world. Recipes just tend to have a different name, and maybe a slight variation as well.


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