Wednesday, 10 October 2012

No sunshine? Have a Tequila Sunrise Tiramisu!

'The sun always shines on TV' - That line is taken by one of the songs from A-ha.
Whatever the case, at my place this is not the case. You may not always have sunshine, but I have a plan. I'm afraid, though, it's nothing for your kids, if you have any.
The sun may not alway shine for me, but I have been experimenting again in the kitchen and now it's possible to have a cocktail as pudding: Tequila Sunrise ... as tiramisu.
We could start arguing now, that a tiramisu needs sponge fingers, coffee, mascarpone and coffee. However, if you are reading this blog longer already, you might remember Cornish Strawberry-Rhubarb Tiramisu or Galway Irish Coffee Tiramisu. Let's have another go now and try Tequila Sunrise Tiramisu. I won't bring the summer back, but ... who knows?!

Well, I already thought about a tipsy Thursday recipe feature on the blog, but I'm not quite sure about it. What do you think? Anyway, let's do this one ...

Ingredients (just multiply, if you need a bigger one):
6 sponge fingers
100-200 ml orange juice
4 cl tequila
6 cl grenadine
200 g mascarpone
1 tbs sugar
1 pomegranate

... and here we go:
Start by placing the sponge fingers at the bottom of your bowl of selection.

Pour about 100 ml of the orange juice over the sponge fingers to soak them. If they are still thirsty, add some more. Let it have half of the tequila and a third of the grenadine as well.
In a separate bowl mix together the mascarpone, the rest of the tequila, the sugar and another third of the grenadine together. Let it have as much orange juice as it needs to get nice and smooth ... but not too liquid either.
Then add the mascarpone creme to the sponge finger bowl.
Finally pour the remaining grenadine over it and spread some pomegranate seeds over it.

Now you only have to refrigerate the Tequila Sunrise Tiramisu and after that you can enjoy it, but don't get drunk!
Any other suggestions for Tiramisu?


  1. I think Tipsy Thursday is a great idea...what better way to ease into the weekend! Another great Tiramisu recipe, looks great! I love grenadine...yum :-)

  2. A boozy tiramisu?! Now that's my kinda treat! :)

  3. That looks like a fun dessert.

  4. This sounds pretty good! I may have to buy some tequila.


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